Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks – Trade rumors are just rumors

Patrick King He is well aware that it has been the subject of rampant trading speculation for months. Unbelievable winger Chicago Blackhawks hype.

“It was all just rumours,” Kane said Thursday from the media at training camp in Chicago. “A lot of rumors are just rumours, maybe people are looking for things to talk about in August when nothing really happens with hockey, right? I don’t think there have been any legitimate discussions between the other teams and the Black Hawks.”

The 33-year-old Kane is entering the final season of his $84 million eight-year contract, just as Chicago is in a rebuilding state that could last for years. This was the basis for condensing theories as to whether it was Kane – or the Captain of the Black Hawks Jonathan Toewsalso in the final year of a deal similar to Kane’s – you may be on the move.

The Black Hawks’ general manager, Kyle Davidson, insisted he’s not mediating conversations about the Chicago stars. However, Kane’s name went viral over and over on social media throughout late summer, and his in-ring friends – like it or not – kept him on the latest grumbling online about his future.

“You care about it a little bit at first, and then you block it out,” Kane said. “it is what it is.”

The same can be said about where Chicago is currently. After a decade-long string of successes that included three Stanley Cup wins, the Black Hawks are in the process of protracted restructuring and are expected to be one of the worst NHL teams this season. How long it takes Chicago to recover is anyone’s guess. At this point, Keane said he had not spoken to the Black Hawks about a possible extension to stay beyond the 2022-23 campaign.

“There wasn’t a lot of discussion about anything,” Kane said. “It’s not really anything we’ve discussed. I think we all know the situation and what could happen, but it’s not something I’m really thinking about yet. We’ll see how it goes.”

If anything, the past few months have taught Ken to expect the unexpected. Davidson sent shockwaves through Chicago – and the hockey world in general – when he was trading the wing Alex DeBrinkat To Ottawa in July. Kane and DeBrinkatt have been longtime partners and have been Chicago’s top scorer in each of the past two years (Kane led the way with 91 points in 2021-22, directly ahead of DeBrinkat’s 78).

The DeBrincat move entirely signaled Chicago’s change of direction and was personally affecting Kane.

“It’s disappointing, it was kind of crushing at first,” Kane said of Deebrinkat’s departure. “Not only did we have some great chemistry on the ice, but he was one of my best friends and closest teammates off the ice as well… We really pushed each other. He’s definitely a guy I’ll miss playing with.”

Instead, Ken will open this training camp on the line with Max Domy, who signed a one-year free agent contract with Chicago last summer. Domi was one of Davidson’s many additions in the Offseason which included getting a new goalkeeper in Peter Marazek (Brought by trade with Toronto) Head coach Luke Richardson is appointed to replace interim bench chief Derek King.

Recognizing new faces is where Ken’s focus lies. There is no ‘annoying’ [injury] An issue “prevented him from progressing in this camp as it has in the past two seasons, so Kane said overall he feels good. The veteran admitted there were obstacles for the Blackhawks to go head-to-head, but Kane is confident Chicago can do better than expected.”

“Everyone has a very positive view of the season, and I think we want to prove a lot of people wrong,” he said. “We are all dealing with a new coach and new systems. It will be a challenge, but it will be good. We will just try to get the most out of this training camp and pre-season and I will do what I can to prepare for the season and help some players.”

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