Patrick Reid throws his jersey at Rory McIlroy in disgust after the world No. 1 appears to snub the American in Dubai


Patrick Reid threw a tee at Rory McIlroy in disgust after the world number one ignored his efforts to say hello at the Emirates Golf Club, according to reports.


The former Masters champ, who moved to LIV Golf but continues to play DP World Tour events until a UK arbitration case is decided in two weeks over the Tour’s ability to suspend Rebels, has saluted Harry Diamond in the McIlroy carriage without incident, according to Spanish golf portal TenGolf. .com.

Reid, whose libel case against analyst Brandell Chambley and the Golf Channel was dismissed by a Florida federal judge on Friday, then approached McIlroy, who was in his home at the time, looking down.

Reid stood near McIlroy for a few seconds with the intention of saying hello but McIlroy did not turn his head towards him.

Reid persisted in saluting McIlroy but after receiving no response he yielded and walked away but not before putting his hand in his pocket and throwing a tee in McIlroy’s direction in disgust.

The incident was the talk of range and championship and comes after reports of tension over the past year’s BMW International.

According to the Telegraph, Sergio Garcia hurled expletives at fellow DP World Tour players after he was banned from the Scottish Open and fined by the DP World Tour for his defection to the LIVE golf club.

A player who asked not to be identified revealed: “The (ban) news broke during the BMW International last week.

Sergio flew by the handle, exclaiming ‘This round is great, you just have to take the Saudi money.’

While relations between players are considered cordial despite the fallout for LIV Golf, McIlroy and fellow Ryder Cup champion Shane Lowry admit they are uncomfortable with LIV Golf players watching at DP World Tour events.

“I hate what you do in golf. I hate it. I really do. It would be hard for me to bear to go to Wentworth in two weeks’ time and see 18 of them there,” McIlroy said before heading to Wentworth for a BMW car race. It just doesn’t suit me.

“Yeah, I feel strongly. I think what I say are the right things, and I think when you believe what you say are the right things, you’re happy sticking your neck on the line.”

Lowry won the tournament at Wentworth and described his victory as “a victory for the good guys”.

“Anyone who knows me, I don’t like confrontation or any of that stuff,” Lowry said before the start of that tournament when asked about the tension between his former Ryder Cup teammates. “I’ll say hi and do my thing. That’s the way I’m going to be. Obviously guys, I’ve known them for years and some of them have become really good friends over the last few years.

“But apparently I haven’t seen them in a long time now. Don’t hang out with them anymore. We probably won’t go out to dinner because we haven’t seen each other. But yeah, there are some lads I shake hands with and some hands I wouldn’t.”

The DP World tour revealed Monday in Dubai that three of the original appellants in the highly anticipated arbitration case – Sergio Garcia, Charles Schwartzl and Branden Grace – have withdrawn their appeals and no longer wish to participate in the arbitration process.

This sparked speculation that Luke Donald or the Tour might look into making LIV Golf players eligible for Ryder Cup selection or participate in the team room in some way.

Last September, Lowry said: “I’m not going to say much about it because who knows what’s going to happen, I think February is court date or something, will they be allowed to play the Ryder Cup.

“I can’t see how they’re going to turn the team around that they’ll need to pick; whether or not Luke wants to pick them.

“For me, I just want to be in the team. I think without these guys we still have a good team and we still have a good team. With all due respect to a lot of these guys at LIV, I think they know themselves and that’s why they went to LIV.

Their Ryder Cup days may be over. Be that as it may – they are clearly lined up as next captains but there aren’t many of them who are going to get very many Ryder Cups.

“Listen, I don’t know. I don’t know what’s going to happen. This is the thing. This is the thing that really gets me is the unknown of it all and the uncertainty.”

After winning the championship, he added, “Everyone knows how I feel. Yeah, that was definitely a little extra motivation today.”

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