PFT’s NFL Week 16 2022 picks


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Three weeks left. It’s hardly enough for MDS to catch up with me.

But he tries.

With three controversies in Week 15, MDS was right on two of them. He picked a game, and narrowed the margin to 10.

for the year. I’m 145-77-1. MDS is 135-87-1.

This week, we only differ in two games. For all shots, roll, roll, roll.

Jaguars (+1.5) at Jets

take MDS: When the schedule was released, this looked like a terrible Thursday night game. In fact, both teams are still in the process of hunting for the playoffs. I suspect Trevor Lawrence spend Zack Wilson In a match between the two best picks in last year’s draft, the Jaguars won.

MDS selectionJaguars 24, Jets 17.

Take FlorioThe Jaguars haven’t won three in a row since December 2017. That season almost ended with the team’s first Super Bowl berth. This year, they could end up in the playoffs for the first time since then. However, airplanes need this a bit more.

Choose Florio: Jets 20, Jaguar 17.

Bills (-9) in Bears

take MDS: Justin Fields He’ll make some big plays with his legs to keep the Bears competitive, but Josh Allen will play with his arms and legs to win it for the Bills.

MDS selection: bills 27, bearing 20.

Take Florio: The weather can make things interesting in Chicago, but Josh Allen can still handle it in any conditions. However, nine points is a lot to offer, given the circumstances. And due to Justin Fields’ ability to run circles around anyone and everyone.

Choose Florio: bills 30, bears 24.

Saints (+2.5) at Browns

take MDS: The Saints aren’t actually out of the playoff picture in the terrible NFC South, but they will be after losing to the Browns.

MDS selectionBrowns 24, Saints 20.

Take Florio: brown is getting better. While it is too late for 2022, it may serve them well in 2023.

Choose FlorioBrowns 20, Saints 17.

Texas (+3) in the Titans

take MDS: Titans are slumping towards the AFC South title and will win an ugly game against the worst team in the league.

MDS selection: Titans 17, Texas 10.

Take Florio: The Texans have been playing well lately, but the Titans must be desperate enough to find a way to get a long-awaited win against a one-win team.

Choose Florio: Titans 20, Texas 16.

Seahawks (+10) at Chiefs

take MDS: Seahawks and Gino Smith It was a great story early in the season, but the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes It would deal a huge blow to their waning playoff hopes.

MDS selectionChiefs 34, Seahawks 21.

Take FlorioIt’s another meeting between the AFC and the West, and the team that owns the AFC West should remind Seattle why they should be glad they got out when they did.

Choose FlorioChiefs 30, Seahawks 21.

Giants (+4) in Vikings

take MDSThis could be a playoff preview, where these teams could meet again in the wild card round. I think the Vikings win and keep their slim hopes alive for a live first round.

MDS selection: Vikings 17, Giants 14.

Take FlorioThe last time the Vikings had an exhausting and emotional win, they fell apart the following week. Assuming they learn from that and don’t want to go to San Francisco for the playoffs, it’s time to turn the White Out into a win.

Choose Florio: Vikings 27, Giants 24.

Bengals (-3) at Patriots

take MDS: The Patriots still control their playoff destiny, needing only a win to earn a wild card. But that is no longer the case after they lost to the Bengals on Sunday.

MDS selectionBengals 28, Patriots 27.

Take Florio: Ding Dong the witch is dead.

Choose FlorioBengals 30, Patriots 23.

Lions (-2.5) in the Panthers

take MDS: The Lions are making their way up the standings after a 1-6 start, and they will win in Carolina and establish themselves as a real threat in the NFC playoffs.

MDS selectionLions 20, Panthers 14.

Take Florio: In a battle of the big cats, lions roar their way over .500.

Choose FlorioLions 23, Panthers 20.

Falcons (+7) at Ravens

take MDS: The Crows are struggling after a hot start, but I think if they make the playoffs they can be dangerous. They will take care of business at home against hawks.

MDS selectionCrows 16, Hawks 10.

Take Florio: hawk is still alive, but not for much longer. The Ravens need to stay within a game of the Bengals, in order to make Week 18 the AFC North Championship game.

Choose FlorioCrows 21, Hawks 10.

Leaders (+7) in 49 BC

take MDS: The 49ers may have been playing the best football in the NFL over the past two months. They must trample the Mujahideen leaders.

MDS selection: 49ers 27, Leaders 13.

Take Florio: 49ers have the No. 2 seed on hand. The leaders teeter on the brink of losing the playoffs.

Choose Florio: 49ers 24, Leaders 10.

Eagles (+5) at the Cowboys

take MDSkisa: I was going to pick a cowboy even before Jalen Hurts The injury news broke, so I’m definitely picking up the Cowboys now.

MDS selectionCowboys 28, Eagles 21.

Take Florio: Gardner Minshaw Good enough to raise the Eagles, if they weren’t playing a team like the Cowboys.

Choose FlorioCowboys 24, Eagles 20.

Raiders (+2.5) at Steelers

take MDS: The NFL was hoping these two teams would be in a playoff game for the anniversary game on Christmas Eve, but we’d settle for the Steelers winning a long shot battle of the low-scoring playoffs.

MDS selectionSteelers 17, Raiders 14.

Take Florio: The Steelers will dig deep to properly honor the memory of Franco Harris.

Choose FlorioSteelers 24, Raiders 17.

Packers (+4) at Dolphins

take MDS: Aaron Rodgers And the Packers’ offense has been solid in recent weeks, but it will be too little, too late, and the Dolphins will change the Packers’ hopes from “minimal” to “none.”

MDS selectionDolphins 31, Packers 28.

Take FlorioThe Packers won two straight games, but never faced a team of playoff caliber. They will do on Sunday in Miami. Green Bay’s playoff chances will be diminished.

Choose FlorioDolphins 34, Packers 27.

Broncos (-2.5) at Rams

take MDSThe NFL was expecting a Christmas Day marquee game. Instead, it’s probably the worst game of the week.

MDS selectionBroncos 12, Rams 9.

Take Florio: a year after he lost Christmas Day, Baker Mayfield He equals his own record on December 25 in a game that will only be watched because it’s on TV.

Choose FlorioRams 24, Broncos 20.

Pirates (-7.5) at Cardinals

take MDS: Tom Brady And the Pirates don’t play well, but they will play well enough to beat the Cardinals and continue their run toward the playoffs in the terrible NFC South.

MDS selectionBuccaneers 17, Cardinals 7.

Take Florio: If you’re naughty, you get coal. If you are really naughty then you should watch this game.

Choose FlorioBuccaneers 20, Cardinals 10.

Chargers (-4.5) at the Colts

take MDS: With the Chargers in the wild card race, there would be no excuse for losing to Jeff’s Saturday Colts. Chargers will take care of the business.

MDS selectionChargers 30, Colts 20.

Take Florio: Nick Falls He gets his chance to help Jeff Saturday get a job that he proves every week he’s not really ready to take on.

Choose FlorioChargers 28, Colts 21.

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