Pirates running back Giovanni Bernard, the media gets into a heated exchange after a failed fake kick


Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Young Bernards It was a tough match vs Cincinnati Bengals In Week 15. With the Bucs up by 14 points, Bernard fumbled a failed fake punt. The play had massive ramifications for the game, such as The Bengals came back to win 34-23.


After the match, several reporters approached Bernard in the locker room. It led to a contentious exchange between the two parties.

This video appears to have started in the middle of an exchange. Bernard said something as he walked through the reporters, which led to an exchange of “Well, you’ve been hurt all year” and “What have you done for us to talk to you all year?”

Bernard seemed so surprised by those comments, he asked if he could talk to his family before speaking to reporters. It is unclear what happened next. After a brief back and forth, the video cuts out. When he came back again, Bernard spoke with the reporters. He said the play was a misunderstanding on his part, and he took full responsibility for what happened. When asked for more information, Bernard just reiterated that the error was his.

It is difficult to parse the video given that parts are missing. We don’t know what happened before the camera was turned on. ESPN’s Gina Lynn said Bernard did not want to speak to reporters after the game. This reaction is understandable. It was a frustrating year for Bernard, who was limited to five games due to injuries and didn’t see much playing time when healthy. He finally got a chance in week 15 and it ended badly. Maybe he felt bad about it.

NFL players are required to speak with reporters after games. Most of them do, but many times the athlete leaves before he’s even in the locker room. We have no idea what Bernard was up to. Comments about Bernard’s struggles this season didn’t help escalate the situation. He seemed surprised that the conversation had jumped to that point and was angry, but not angry.

Then the camera snapped. We have no idea what happened between Bernard and the pirates’ reporters and media crew during that time. When the video resumed, Bernard was standing in front of the reporters, ready to answer questions. He did, offering some insights before repeating that he was responsible for the mistake in the play.

Bernard did his homework and spoke to the assembled media. He didn’t provide more comprehensive answers, though his responses were as insightful—if not more—than what people usually get out of it. New England Patriots Coach Bill Belichick.

While great, Bernard’s play led to a Bengals field goal. The Pirates still led 17-6 when the team touched the ball again. The Buccaneers then turned the ball over on the next four offensive plays. Tom Brady He threw two interceptions and fumbled twice.

To make matters worse, the Bengal might have stopped Bernard even if he snapped the shot cleanly. Cincinnati had an idea that something was up when Bernard was on the field trying to throw the ball.

Bernard’s error was significant, but that was not the reason the Pirates lost the game. Bernard ultimately held himself responsible for the error, so it’s strange that the post-game exchange was announced anyway.

Giovanni Bernard was involved in a controversial post-match interview after a failed fake kick.  (Photo by Cooper Neal/Getty Images)

Giovanni Bernard was involved in a controversial post-match interview after a failed fake kick. (Photo by Cooper Neal/Getty Images)

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