Pre-Season Penguins: What you need to know when you open training camp

The “Big Three” of the Pittsburgh Penguins are back for Sidney Crosby, Evgeny Malkin and Chris Letang for their 17th season together. And that officially begins on Thursday, when the team opens a training camp at the UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex in Cranberry.

Veterans will lead the way as the Penguins look to extend their back-to-back series of playoffs to 17 seasons.

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Players will be divided into three teams, with the first practice starting at 9am on Thursday. All practices not related to daily activities are free and open to the public. Pre-season games begin at 1 p.m. Sunday against the Columbus Blue Jackets. The full schedule can be found over here.


The Penguins invited 58 players to training camp.


The biggest off-season moves involved their players. The Penguins re-signed six-year forward Brian Rost, $30.75 million in May, followed by Reserve goalkeeper Casey Dessmith (two years, $3.6 million), defender Chris Letang (six years, $36.6 million) and striker Ricard Raquel (six years, $30 million) in July. They finally reached an agreement with Evgeni Malkin Center on a four-year, $24.4 million deal on the eve of the opening of the NHL free agency.

Internally, penguins too Re-signed striker Kasperi Kapanen (2 years, $6.4 million), Defensman Bo Joseph (two years, $1.65 million) and returned Danton Heinen in a one-year deal worth $1 million After not making a qualifying bid as a Restricted Free Agent.

Added penguins in free app Defender Jean Ruta of Tampa BayAnd the Depth Forward Josh Archibald from Edmonton and Veteran goalkeeper Dustin Tokarsky from Buffalo.

General Manager Ron Hextal rocked the Blue Line with a pair of deals on July 16th. Defender John Marino sent the New Jersey Devils defending man Ty Smith and a third-round pick. He also dealt with defender Mike Matheson and the Montreal Canadiens’ fourth-round selection for defender Jeff Petrie and striker Ryan Boehling.

The Penguins also lost strikers Ivan Rodriguez and Brian Boyle, defender Guuso Ricola and goalkeeper Louis Dominguez in the off-season.

After re-signing with Evgeny Malkin, the penguins think they can still ‘do special things’

With a new contract in his pocket, many milestones are within reach of Evgeny Malkin

Penguins for life? Chris Letang agrees to a 6-year contract that extends into his early forties

The Penguins have re-signed Brian Rost for a 6-year contract extension

Ricard Raquel wants to show he can do more with penguins

Ty Smith’s journey took him to the penguins

New Penguins defender Jeff Petrie is closer to home and ready to win

And of course, Tribune-Review columnists Mark Madden and Tim Benz had opinions on the penguins’ moves this summer:

Mark Madden: Signed by Evgeny Malkin, the Penguins plan combines, for better or worse

Tim Benz: Evgeny Malkin’s decision to stay at Pittsburgh dilutes the focus on Rikard Rakel’s contract

Mark Madden: New acquisitions make the penguins better now but there are still weaknesses


Can the Penguins extend their playoff series to 17 games? Can winger Jake Goetzel break 40 goals for the third time?

Penguins from A to Z

The Penguins beat writer Seth Rorapeau and comb through the team system, looking at last season and what the future holds for the squad’s players:

Corey Andonovsky follows the familiar path of college free agents

Defense will be Raivis Ansons’ road to the NHL

What is the value of Teddy Blogger?

How big of a role should Jeff Carter play next season?

Sidney Crosby remains the most complete player in the game (when healthy)

Casey Dessmith has proven that he can be counted on as a backup goalkeeper

Even with the uncertainty, Brian Dumoulin remains a key ingredient

Taylor Fedun offers value in an important role

Jordan Frasca enhances the organization’s depth at the center

Feisty Mark Friedman finally finds his fit

There is nothing silly about Taylor Gauthier

Ty Glover will be a long term project

Can Jonathan Gruden make a bigger impact?

“Comma” Jake Guenzel made a big comeback

Could Philip Hallander finally take a place on the NHL roster?

Danton Heinen proved something in 2021-22

Is Tristan my future neighbor?

Can PO Joseph take the next step?

Can Kasperi Kapanen be repaired?

Cam Lee took a step back in 2021-22

Nathan Leger suffered from growing pains

It wasn’t easy to replace Chris Letang

Philip Lindbergh needs to recover from lost season

What did Evgeny Malkin leave?

Is it now or not for Josh Maniscalco?

Brock McGinn delivered as advertised

Alex Nylander made the most of his new start

What is the role of Drew O’Connor?

Marcus Peterson is still looking for the next step

Sam Boleyn is better prepared after his first professional season

Valtteri Puustinen is still interesting

Ricardo Raquel’s skill, speed fits in well in a short time here

Chad Rohedl has finally become a regular player in the squad

Brian Rost is back where he belongs

There is a lot of cautious optimism with Lukasz Swikowski

Colin Swoyer has a chance to prove he has a future

Can Radim Zohorna find a way to stay in the NHL?

Jason Zucker just needs to stay healthy

Juniors and prospects

One of Hextall’s priorities has been to reinvigorate the franchise’s depleted farm system with prospects. The Penguins got a closer look at their team’s future with a prospect development camp in July and the team’s rookie camp earlier this month.

Striker Samuel Boleyn is happy to fill any role for the Penguins

Joining the penguins was an easy choice, probably Jacques St Ivani

Ryan McCleary, the defensive detective of the Penguins, plays a different game than his father

Penguins goalkeeper Philip Lindberg excited for his first game in 10 months

It is easy to understand the goals of the Penguins striker Valtteri Postinen

Inspired by his brother, Penguins predicts that Luke Devlin’s hockey journey is just beginning

Goalkeeper Taylor Gauthier wants to prove that the penguins ‘made the right choice’

Future Penguins presents Raivis Ansons assets ‘essential to winning’

The Penguins expect Tristan to outsmart his tough first season in Minnesota

Penguin-looking forward Lukas Svejkovsky can be ‘very special’ with the disc

Round one penguins pick Owen Pickering’s amazing growth spurt – and how it might shape his progress

There is a lot to learn about the pro game, which is striker penguins player, Corey Andonovsky

“Hockey Sense” led forward Zam Blunt being drafted by the Penguins

Follow the penguins all season long long.

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