QB captain Taylor Heinicke froze after a win over the Eagles


Philadelphia – Chains of gold wrapped around the Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins“The neck during a victorious flight by plane started a trend. And yes, the quarterback Taylor Hynek And Cousins’ former team loves it, too.


After upsetting leaders Washington 32-21 by the Philadelphia Eagles, Heinicke was photographed on the plane wearing silver and gold chains around his neck, and was handed out by teammates, including a safety. Darrick Forest, whose nickname – DFOE – is decorated with one chain. The back of one chain reads “silk”.

A teammate slid elegant, light brown rimmed glasses onto Heinicke’s face as his teammates surrounded him. In another video, Henneke sided with one of his most ardent supporters, at defensive end Chase Young. With the chains around his neck, Heinicke grabbed two Busch Light beers.

They mimic the scene with their cousins ​​dressed for their teammate Christian DressoChains on board heading home after victory over the New Orleans Saints in London. Cousins ​​took it up a notch after winning at his former team, Washington, by wearing multiple chains and dancing shirtless, earning the nickname “Kirko Chains.”

Heinicke did not dance and did not take off his shirt. But he celebrated with his teammates. It was a great night for Henicke and Washington, as the previously 8-0 Eagles handed their first loss while evening their record at 5-5.

“I would probably say it’s the biggest win of my career,” Henke said.

The celebration continued on Tuesday when tradition stuck. Since he receives a $125,000 bonus when he plays 60% of the shots and the team wins, Heinicke rewards himself by buying a pair of Air Jordans featuring the colors of the team they beat. He posted on Instagram a photo of his new 4 White Metallics with a hint of Eagles green.

Heinicke completed 17 of 29 passes for 211 yards in guiding Washington to its third win in four games with him as a starter. Carson Wentz Eligible to return from injured reserve this week after breaking his right thumb in the October 13th win against the Chicago Bears. It is uncertain if Washington will do him and head coach Ron Rivera has not said which quarterback will start if Wentz is available.

But those were issues for another time. Early Tuesday morning, it was all about chains, planes, and Jordan Airlines.

“He’s an undefeated class opponent in his place on Monday night,” Henicke said. “I can’t get much better than that.”

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