QB Support You Draft!


Tua Tagovailoa should be a lesson to every other NFL football team that drafts and supports a player who is a key part of their roster.


David Carr was supposed to be the next starting quarterback, but his time in Houston with the Texans wasn’t very good. Texas Carr didn’t help and after five seasons, he was gone. He spent one year with the Panthers, then two years with the Giants, and one more with the 49ers before returning to New York for his final season.

Carr is an example. His 76 sacks during his rookie season remain one of the highest single-season totals in the NFL. He will be sacked 49 and 68 times in the third and fourth seasons. This spoils the QBs confidence.

In Cleveland, the roster of first-round QBs is a long one, but their failures have more to do with what the Browns failed to do than what the players did.

In Miami, that was the future of Tua Tagovailoa. From the moment he was recruited, Tua was the target of media hatred and internal strife. He had a coach, Brian Flores, who didn’t want him on the team. He had an offensive system that wanted him to deal with his weaknesses rather than his strengths.

Dolphins were ready to surrender. They were ready to move on and in 2021 came very close to sending Tua elsewhere in favor of picking Brian Flores. Stephen Ross made many stupid moves as owner, but his decision not to trade for Deshaun Watson and instead eventually fire Flores and surround Tua with an organization that supported him paid off. His legacy may very well be.

December 17, 2006; Foxboro, MA, USA; New England Patriots (59) Roosevelt Colvin tackles Houston Texans (8) David Carr in the first half at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports Copyright © David Butler II

Tua, as Mike McDaniel said after Sunday’s game in the locker room playing “on” obscene fire.

Tua plays like a freshman QB. He showed signs that he was capable of being very good. Accuracy is not learned and the NFL is a tough place to learn quickly. The difference between last year and this year is amazing, it wasn’t bad last season, it wasn’t used properly.

Teams often give up quality QBs. Sam Darnold was shipped from New York to the Carolinas, is he as bad as his NFL career went, or is he just another in a long line of young QBs who were put into bad positions and then moved to another bad position?

Miami stuck with Tua and they reap the reward. It’s not because Tua suddenly became a great player, that just didn’t happen. Because they have just found a coach who believes in his ability and allows him to play to his strengths. With help from Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle, but Tua has shown good tendencies with Mack Hollins and Preston Williams as well.

For Miami, Tua’s “change of scenery” came about by staying in Miami and changing the culture and support around him. Other teams may want to consider this as well as they begin to make decisions about young QBs. Unless of course, they’re in the East Asian region, then… kid you… they change QBs every year!

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