Red Wings No. 2 goalkeeper a distant second. . . one more time

Discussing the playoff hopes for the Detroit Red Wings, NHL suggested to TNT anaylst Paul Bissonette that the only hope for this is if goaltender Ville Husso can play 65 games and stand on his helm.

Bissonette has a valid point.

A trend that’s been evident in the Detroit Red Wings for several seasons now is a tantalizing development that’s as baffling as it is problematic.

Over the past four seasons, when Detroit’s No. 2 goaltender plays, they’re basically doing No. 2 all over the goal crease. Basically, there seems little hope of victory over this period of time whenever the club goes with their second option in the net.

This trend started during the 2019-20 season and has followed a unique trajectory. The goaltender who was Detroit’s No. 1 lost that job the following season on the way to completely losing his magic.

That season, former top-ranked Jimmy Howard, playing what would be his final NHL campaign, in hockey slang, couldn’t stop beachball. In 27 starts, the two-time NHL All-Star went 2-23-2. His . 882 save percentage and goals against 4.20 were both career worsts.

Good luck, veteran Jonathan Bernier He was there to save the day. He was a starter in 41 of 46 games, and Bernier went 15-22-3. His GAA of 2.95 and save percentage of 0.907 were strong for a team that was 12th overall in the NHL’s Eastern Conference.

Just as quickly, Bernier gave up the first turn to Thomas Grace in 2020-21. He lost his last five games for the Red Wing and was not offered a new contract at the end of the season.

Greiss was posting a 2.70 GAA, a . 912 save percentage, and two shutouts in 34 appearances. But like before him, he soon lost his way.

Last season, Grace was 2-8 in his last 10 decisions with the Red Wings. His save percentage has fallen below . 900 in eight of his last 15 appearances. For the season, Greiss was projecting a 3.66 GAA and . 891 save percentage.

Game Nedeljkovic Goes South for the Red Wings

Fortunately, a new addition Alex Nedeljovich He was mostly excellent at taking over from Grace. His GAA was 3.31 and his save percentage was 0.901. Nedeljkovic posted a three- and four-game winning streak and two on 40+ shootouts.

This season, Nedeljkovic was replaced, in the final season of his contract, as Detroit’s starting goaltender by Newcomer Phil Hosso. He’s 1-4-2 over the last seven decisions. In six of his nine games, Nedeljković’s save percentage was less than . 900. He has allowed four goals against him in six games, including six and eight.

The Red Wings claimed to be looking for a backup solution Goalkeeper Magnus Helberg On waivers he was awarded a start this week in Minnesota.

Meanwhile, Hosoe is 11-5-4 with a . 918 save percentage. 2.48 GAA and three shutouts. All of this leaves one to wonder what the future holds for Nedeljkovic. And in that regard, based on this pattern, what does the future hold for Hosou?

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