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With the upcoming Gran Turismo 7 update scheduled for Thursday, November 24, the The official game site It revealed that new content players will be able to search the regular pre-update post.


It confirms the identities of the cars coming into the game – some of which we’ve already taken Fairly strong guesses – Plus, a surprising new circuit: Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta. A long-awaited feature will debut

As usual, the post and the video that you will see below are only related to the new content of the update. We’ll have to wait until the update arrives to discover any other new features, though we already know there’s a whole bunch of things coming to celebrate both this weekend. Gran Turismo World Final and the series Twenty-fifth anniversary on December 23rd.


Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.26 New track

A new track is always the biggest news, and this month it’s an absolute cracker: Road Atlanta.

The Circle is located in Georgia, USA near Lake Lanier – one of Netflix’s filming locations Ozark It stands on the Lake of the Ozarks – in the northeastern hills of the state. Working with the terrain, the 12-corner circuit has some great elevation changes and tricky curves.

The circuit, which was once owned by auto legend Don Panoz, has hosted top-level Can-Am, Trans-Am, Formula 5000 and even NASCAR events, but it is perhaps most famous as the home of Panoz’s Petit Le Mans.

This ten-hour (originally 1,000-mile) endurance race is based closely on the same Le Mans rules, and sees some of the best-performing closed-wheel cars vying for the title.

The inclusion of Road Atlanta means all three GT7New circuit locations in the real world – DaytonaAnd the Watkins Glenand Road Atlanta – are the North American circuits that host IMSA’s top class races.

The preview doesn’t reveal if different layouts are available on the circuit, but the images do indicate that it will have weather changes as well as a day/night cycle.

Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.26 New Cars

Along with the new circuit, we have official confirmation of the three new cars to come Gran Turismo 7 very.

The first car on the list is a 1996 Nissan Silvia (S14) Ks Aero, a car that was in Gran Turismo (other than the minor titles and GT Sport) as long as there has been Gran Turismo.

It’s the top-line model of the S14 generation, sporting a 208-hp sport version of the SR20DET and—as the “aero” name suggests—a few aerodynamic additions over the base model. We’ll likely see the car enter the used-car dealership’s rotation, though it should be available as a “hot” add-on when the update arrives.

Another classic, but one that should probably be headed to a Legends Car dealership, is the Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500. This limited-run model – just 500 cars – was a special homologation model, converted by Aston Martin and Tickford from the original RS Cosworth.

Combined with the sports car another 20 bhp from the upgraded engine, the car was the basis for a highly successful Group A racing car which won, among others, the UK (BTCC), Australian (ATCC) and German (DTM) Touring Car Championships, So is the Bathurst 1000. Twice.

Finally, there’s a modern performance car, which comes in the form of the BMW M2 Competition. This coupe is based on the BMW S55-powered first-series hatchback, and produces 40 horsepower more than the already powerful N55 with 365 horsepower. We expect it to enter Brand Central.

In addition, there is also a special Gran Turismo Red Bull X2019 25th Anniversary Edition, available to participate in any of the Special events on the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary. It is not clear if this is a separate car, a livery, or an unregistered car like Dior Di Tomaso.

Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.26 New Features

In addition to all of the above, 1.26 will mark the debut of something fans have been calling for ever since Gran Turismo 7 Launched: Sellable Cars.

A post on the PlayStation blog for the update confirms that players will “be able to sell cars inside their personal garage once the GT Café listings are complete”. Of course we don’t yet know how this feature will work, but it would probably be great news for gamers who own a 412 Honda NSX Gr.B…for some reason.

Two new sets of Scapes will also be added in the update, with ten locations in the new Road Atlanta circuit and a set of 26 locations called “Illuminations”. This seems to be a topic about places with decorative lighting.

We don’t know yet what other features the update will add but it will likely be revealed in the patch notes after the update becomes available.

The server maintenance period will cause the game to shut down from 0600-0800 on Thursday, November 24, during which time players will start downloading the update. However, you will not be able to log in and play with the new content until the maintenance period is over and you update the game.

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