Robert Griffin III became NFL Twitter’s Magic Johnson


Magic Johnson has long been one of the best and weirdest NBA Twitter accounts in the world. Magic presents his thoughts on basketball, often using a bold approach to social media that can only be described as “imagine if your grandparents tweeted and didn’t know the internet existed.”


Sometimes it provides key facts about games that anyone can look up.

The magic is also there if you can’t Google Lakers game scores.

He’ll even catch up on what’s happening in football and deliver hot scenes like “Justin Jefferson is good.”

I think Magic’s Twitter is fun. I’ll be honest, I love it when someone from an older generation dares to use technology. My mum still lives in Australia, so I savor this every couple of weeks when we have a Zoom call and it turns into me staring at her ceiling for a steady 5 minutes at the start of each call because she’s still not quite ready. She worked on locating the camera on her phone.

This kind of behavior is usually relegated to people in their 60s, like Magic or Mom – but there’s a new kid on the block looking to put his old pants on early and throw his hat in the ring. Robert Griffin III assumes the mantle of Magic when it comes to the old man stationed in the NFL, and he is indeed an adept at his craft.

RGIII was all over the scare Patriots play on Sunday.

It uses tweet formats that weren’t popular years ago.

There are caption contests.

Sometimes he takes a little break from sports together to drop a motivational quote you find on a mug inside a Hallmark store.

There are also times when I’m not sure anyone has any idea what they’re trying to say.

It’s not quite the full magic level yet, but we do see a guy go down that path. I am personally here for it. See, covering sports is all about accepting your age and the slow march toward death. Much of your career is devoted to watching and covering the athletes half your age that dominate at the highest level. Acceptance of this age disparity comes with the area, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was disheartening at times.

Twitter RGIII is the source of life. It is hope in the dark. Having a 32-year-old tweet the same as a 65-year-old makes everything look a little better. So please, keep being you, RGIII – be the best version of yourself, which may be trapped inside a retiree.

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