Rockets 119, Timberwolves 114: It’s okay to cry


Liu Sun: I want to start by recognizing and acknowledging the horrific tragedies that have befallen Asian American communities here in California. The mass shootings that took place in Monterey Park, CA and Half Moon Bay, CA are senseless acts of violence that have continued to ravage the communities I identify with. These are particularly sensitive given that this is usually the time of the annual celebration of the Lunar New Year.

Our communities are in dire need of support as we try to recover from more and more suspected hate crimes. You can donate to support the families affected by the Monterey Park incident here. We’ll share more opportunities to help as they become available.

Please check with your friends, family and loved ones…

The story of the game

was bad.


the Houston Rockets He entered the match having lost 13 straight matches. They have lost their last 7 matches against Minnesota Timberwolves. In a combination of playoff races/play in the Western standings, Minnesota desperately needs every win it can get with a terrifying schedule ahead. They just defeated the same Rockets team 48 hours earlier in Minneapolis, thanks to Anthony Edwards’ 44-point blast.

The game seemed lost from the edge. Houston’s quick 9-0 and five-game win streak at Minnesota seemed to set the tone. It wasn’t long before they trailed by 12 points in the first quarter. Luckily , Angelo Russell He continued his hot shooting streak and helped guide the Coyotes to their own 5 before the end of the first quarter. The Rockets did what a last-place team would do, turning the ball over and allowing their opponent to return to the game. The aforementioned Russell would hit five first-half threes to take and extend their first lead of the game, 45-39.

This was the best part of the game.

from there, Galen Green He will lead the attack with another tidal wave of ocean buckets. The game appeared to remain in the balance at the half as the two teams were tied at 56 with their shooting and rebounding numbers even.

Then came the third quarter.

Although Minnesota has had a few thirds lately, we’ve got the old Coyotes. Houston mostly stayed in the same mess they were on offense, relying on hot shooting streaks to keep them alive despite reckless turnovers and errors. The Wolves seemed unwilling to take advantage by showing poor lead selection and a generous helping of their own transformations. Suddenly, the Rockets found themselves up 90-81 heading into the final quarter. The early 8-0 run seemed to breathe some life into the Coyotes as the Ant finally started a run midway through the fourth, but it was all for nothing. Down 99-100, Minnesota would lose its next seven field goal attempts. Sound familiar? The tank missile team did their part to leave the door slightly open, but Green would hit a number of big shots on his way to A career high 42 points that sealed the game. There were some silly late-play feints that prolonged the game due to intentional fouling and some desperate Edwards triples and Rowdy dunks, but it was basically just dragging along the inevitable. Another flat tire to derail any momentum the Wolves had built up prior to entering this game.

There is a lot of blame to get around this.

  • Anthony Edwards The team-high 31 points is a bit misleading, as 8 of them came at a ridiculous time. He had a strong whistle, but too often he would drive down the lane with no plan other than to make a foul, which resulted in 5 quits (I’m not calculating that the dummy clutch time holds a wrongly called violation).
  • Rudy Goubert It looked pretty rusty as Houston dominated the attacking glass early. He was also less effective in Şengün and rotating situations compared to Nathan Knight late in the game.
  • Naz Red He looked completely out of place off the bench, playing just 9 minutes which is almost 9 minutes more than he’s worth tonight. He looked like a fan watching the game as several of their rockets took turns bouncing around and around him.
  • Kyle Anderson She got into a heated back-and-forth match with Jalen Green before being limited to 12 ineffective minutes due to a foul issue. He deserves most of the credit for gassing Green on a career night.
  • Jaden McDaniels We can’t hang out with Green tonight either. He was icy from the perimeter, and made one of six three-point attempts, before missing.
  • Jaylen Noel He was absolutely awful on both ends of the field, missing many shots, committing ugly turnovers, and watching the green show in a way no box score could accurately reflect.
  • Chris Finch He allowed many of these to unfold due to poor management of the lineup, repeatedly pushing a square peg into a round hole.

yes. Yes, Austin Rivers. The wood wolves did *expletive* around already.

Game highlights

Canis Hoopus nocturnal suspension


Albert with some great music, just right to send us off into the night.

What’s Next

The Wolves will hop on a plane to visit the fourth-place New Orleans Pelicans Wed 1/25 @ 7:00 p.m. axial time. NOLA will be at the end of the house stand, noon to noon, as it hosts the Nuggets on Tuesday. Minnesota lost 122-123 When they last played the Bills on December 28th. Zion scored a career-high 43 points while Ant missed a potential mid-game guard. He had this awesome paw though!

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