Scott Franzke talks about the Phillies World Series track during ‘Pizza With The Bros’


The Philadelphia Phillies World Series has provided Philadelphians and baseball fans alike with an exciting array of lively games and surreal moments. Scott Franzke, the radio voice of the Phillies, joined “Pizza With The Bros” on Monday, November 14, to talk about his front-row scene behind home plate and his trip to the booth.


Originally from Dallas, Texas, Franzke was a young fan who “lived and died before.” [Texas] Rangers season.” Franzke became the Phillies’ full play-by-play commentator in 2007. The previous year, he hosted Phillies pregame and postgame shows as well as called the fifth and sixth rounds of games.

Franzke has seen a World Series win in 2008, a World Series defeat in 2009, and a total of five playoff appearances in his first five seasons as a play-by-play commentator. A decade devoid of Phillies baseball until last season. For Franzke, it was an incredibly special campaign.

“This year was very unexpected. I think he did something completely different,” said Franzke. “Obviously we knew they were in a position to play a playoff game, and then when they came in, it was still like, ‘We’re the underdogs in every way. Meaning our men weren’t there, we didn’t do this.’ Whereas in 2008 they had a different kind of confidence.”

The poor mentality the team carried with them galvanized Philadelphia and Citizens Bank Park. The playoff slogan “#RedOctober” erupted into concrete action. Franzky had to use the spirit of the crowd as fuel for his broadcasts.

“You want to ride with that energy,” he said. “It’s hard to make nine innings in baseball and I think that’s what made the crowd so amazing, the way they kept pitching… That’s definitely part of why I like what I do.”

A “pseudo-radio/television/film major,” Franzke began his broadcasting career at Southern Methodist University calling football and basketball games. On the side, he moderately picked high school baseball games to call. His first minor league role was with the Kane County Cougars, a former Miami Marlins affiliate located in Geneva, Illinois.

From there, Franzke became the pre- and post-game voice of his hometown Rangers alongside his mentor and longtime radio commentator Eric Nadel.

“Twenty years ago, I would have done anything to be a life broadcaster for the Texas Rangers,” said Franzke. “It was the first team I radioed for in the big league, and I sat next to the guy I grew up listening to. I would do anything to stay there, but the opportunity didn’t work out.”

Sports radio and sports television are both highly saturated industries. For a few streaming sites, there are countless people vying for one opening.

Now entering his 17th season as a broadcaster for the Phillies, Franzke has offered honest advice to those looking for a professional broadcasting role.

“Find a way to get reps,” he said. “You have to find a way to generate some rep for yourself. This is just one of those companies where — whether it’s a game-by-game, or you’re an analyst, or a reporter, or whatever — it’s really hard to learn without doing it. I’d encourage you to do it as much possible.”

Next Monday, November 21, Philadelphia 76ers Executive Director of Logistics Allen Lumpkin will headline the third-to-last “Pizza with the Pros” order of the fall semester.

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