Seahawks’ DK Metcalf fined nearly $30,000 for reference words


RENTON — When Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf returned last week to Seattle from Germany, he was about $30,000 lighter than when he left.


But what exactly Metcalf did to earn a hefty fine from the NFL for a personal foul during Seattle’s 21-16 loss to Tampa Bay in Munich will remain a mystery.

Metcalf was penalized after arguing with judge Allen Baines that he was tackled by Tampa Bay cornerback Jamal Dean on a lackluster drive in the end zone in the third-place game in the third quarter with the Seahawks trailing 14-0.

Baines threw the flag as Metcalf left the field, said something and then pointed in his direction.

But the science was not the extent of the damage. Metcalf was later fined $29,785, the record amount for a first offense for what the NFL calls an “other verbal or other non-physical offense against an official.”

When asked during his weekly appearance to the media on Tuesday what he said to get him fined, Metcalfe replied, “You have to ask for the $30,000 reference he told him. I don’t think it was a big deal in my opinion.”

As for the fact that he was fined at all, Metcalf said, “I mean, it’s the NFL so I don’t fumble.”

The penalty would have been costly for Seattle because it meant kicker Jason Myers had to attempt a 55-yard field goal instead of a 40-yard field goal.

It was no easy feat on what was hard and slippery grass.

Myers deflected Metcalfe off his hook with his kick to cut Tampa Bay’s lead to 14-3.

The sequence relived some unpleasant memories of a brief period in 2021, when Metcalfe was flagged three times for personal fouls, including a disqualification in a game against Green Bay for his role in an altercation with a Packers player that involved snatching a face mask for safety Henry Black.

Metcalfe was fined for two of those penalties, as well as again when he was fined for an altercation with New Orleans’ Marshon Lattimore on a play for which he was not penalized.

But each of those fines was for just $6,949, which pales in comparison to what Metcalfe received in the Pines incident and speaks to how the NFL views any verbal infractions leveled at officials.

The fine is the NFL’s largest fine for any offense other than fighting or physical contact with an umpire. All fine amounts are negotiated collectively between the league and the NFL Players Association, and the exact amounts for each infraction are disclosed prior to the season.

After the Green Bay game, Metcalfe said, “I have to grow up.”

His flag against Tampa Bay was the first personal penalty he received of the season.

After the penalty, television cameras showed Metcalfe and coach Pete Carroll talking on the sidelines, the conversation ended with Carroll giving Metcalfe a quiet penalty kick and Metcalfe nodding as if all was well.

Metcalfe said Tuesday that his reaction was an appreciation for Carroll’s support.

“I know he has my back and will always have my best interests at heart,” said Metcalfe. β€œAnd you know, he’s looking to win. So just for him to come out there and talk to me so I can calm down and he can get the full story on my end and who’s responsible, it really shows the trust and the relationship we have.”

Metcalf may find another sympathetic ear on the field Sunday in receiver Davante Adams of the Raiders. Adams was also reported for arguing with an official during Las Vegas’ win over Denver on Sunday and could be at risk of a similar fine this week.

If Metcalfe is subjected to the same penalty again this year, he will be liable to a larger fine. The amount of the second violation of verbal abuse of the official is $59,575.

Fines are deducted from the player’s paycheck and the money goes to the NFL Foundation, a fund that helps former players.

Rhattigan returns to training off the PUP roster

The Seahawks on Tuesday opened a 21-day window for linebacker Jon Rhattigan to return to training on the unable-to-perform list. Ratigan suffered an anterior cruciate ligament injury in a match in Los Angeles against the Rams last December.

“We’re really excited that he made it through his recovery and all that,” said Carroll. “It’s his first day back, so we’re kind of celebrating that first.”

Rhattigan played in 14 games as a starter in 2021 after originally signing as an undrafted free agent out of Army and finished tied for fourth in special teams tackles with 10.

Rhattigan can now practice for 21 days before the team has to place him on the 53-man active list or place him on end-of-season injured reserve.

Carroll noted that the team hopes to find a place for Rhattigan on the roster.

“He’s just a good all-around ball player,” said Carroll. “…he’s really instinctive, he’s strong, he’s a smart player. We missed him deep down at the linebacker position, but he’s really made his mark on special teams, and we’re really hoping to get him back there.”


– While the team has a few other players on injured reserve who haven’t been ruled out for the season, like cornerback Isaiah Dunn, linebacker Darrell Johnson Jr. and linebacker Alton Robinson, Carroll said no one is poised to return. “Two men have potential [of returning before the end of the season]Carroll said. “But nothing on the early rapid horizon here.”

Coming in bye and with this week off, the Seahawks have changed up their schedule. They have held what is normally their Wednesday training – usually the day the players are off during the week – and will hold their training what is normally their Thursday. They will take a day off on Thursday before returning on Friday in what will be normal Friday practice. Carroll said the format allows the players to enjoy Thanksgiving, catch up on the usual two days of intense training work and then have the day off. The Seahawks have had a similar schedule during Thanksgiving week some recent seasons. “That’s a really good way to do it if you can because our guys coming off the bye, having another day on Thursday after two solid, good working days is a really nice format,” Carroll said. β€œ…we keep track of everything we’ve ever done. That’s just a look we liked.”

– The Seahawks didn’t have to release an injury report Tuesday, so there have been no official updates on injury cases. But the Seahawks were relatively healthy coming off the Tampa Bay game as receiver D.Eskridge suffered the most notable injury, with what Carroll said was a bruised hand.

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