Sean Payton interviewed the Broncos Tuesday


Former Stanford coach David Shaw is a sleeper candidate. After the interviews with Ryans & Quinn, Broncos CEO Penner will likely bring 1 to 3 finalists next week.


Englewood, Colorado. After the two-hour or so interview on Tuesday, it became clear from both of them Bronco and Sean Payton, there is a sincere mutual interest in each other, sources tell 9NEWS.

Not that there is an announcement coming in the next few days. According to a source, there will likely be a second step in the Broncos’ head coach hunt, with one to three finalists expected to be brought to the team’s UCHealth Training Center headquarters next week for another health discussion before a final decision is made. made.

With Jim Harbaugh leaving Monday to remain as head coach at the University of Michigan, most speculation Sean Payton and Dallas defensive coordinator Dan Quinn were the favorites to become the new Broncos head coach. However, 9NEWS has learned that former Stanford head coach David Shaw has so impressed Broncos ownership group and general manager George Button that there may be a Big Three again in Denver’s coaching search.

Broncos CEO and owner Greg Benner has aggressively sought out the hottest and best-trained candidates — Harbaugh, Payton, Quinn, Shaw and Evero — but he’s also been patient with the selection process.

The former Super Bowl-winning coach with the New Orleans Saints, Sean Payton, is considered the “Belle of Football” among the candidates for this year’s head coaching rotation. According to sources, Payton has been as impressive as one would expect for a man of master coaching pedigree. Benner interviewed Condoleezza Rice, owner of another Bronco, and general manager George Button, Tuesday morning in a Los Angeles-area hotel conference room.

This trio also interviewed Los Angeles Rams defensive coordinator Raheem Morris for just over two hours on Tuesday afternoon at the same Los Angeles hotel. Morris, who has previous coaching experience with Tampa Bay and Atlanta, also impressed the Broncos trio with his preparation and winning streak, according to sources.

The Broncos headhunting trio of Penner, George Patton and Rice previously interviewed Harbaugh, Shaw, Denver defensive coordinator Ejiro Eveiro and former Colts and Lions head coach Jim Caldwell.

Penner, Rice and George Patton will interview the 49ers’ DeMeco Ryans defensive coordinators Thursday afternoon in the San Francisco area and Quinn in the Dallas area on Friday afternoon.

From there, Benner and his cohorts will pause to consider who will show up for a second interview next week. The second round of interviews will include Benner, his wife and co-owner Carey Benner Walton, and Broncos controlling owner Rob Walton. George Button will be around for follow-up discussions and help finalists train for a tour of the Broncos facilities.

Although George Button’s bench has improved after the Broncos’ losing 5-12 season, he is expected to return as general manager of the Broncos, regardless of who Penner ultimately decides to hire as head coach. Remember, even if Sean Payton required the final say in roster decisions – as he would be entitled to given his seriousness and resume – he had a productive and professional partnership with Saints GM Mickey Loomis that worked well for 15 years.

Sean Payton has other options. He’s interviewing Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper in New York the next day or so, and he also has interview requests from the Houston Texans and Arizona Cardinals. He’s also under contract with FOX for about $10 million a year.

Although there was speculation that Payton would get a salary of $15-20 million a year if he returned to coaching, he and the Broncos didn’t talk about compensation during their interview on Tuesday, according to a source. The Broncos are also not involved in trade talks with New Orleans over compensation for Sean Payton, though they are aware of the Saints’ asking price for a reported first-round pick. The Saints retain Sean Payton’s contractual rights for another two years and are therefore entitled to compensation from the team that will hire him away. The Broncos have a first-round pick in the 2023 draft, though its overall status depends on where the 49ers finish in the postseason. Right now, the Broncos’ first-round pick is no better than 24th overall.

Quinn previously had success as head coach of the Atlanta Falcons from 2015 through 5 games into the 2020 season, most notably in 2016 when his team beat Seattle & Green Bay in the NFC Playoffs and was ahead 28-3 in the third quarter in the Super Bowl. 51 before losing to New England in overtime. Quinn is also familiar with Broncos’ quarterback Russell Wilson from their time together in 2013-14 with Seattle. Quinn was the Seahawks’ defensive coordinator for the famous Boom Corps those two seasons.

Shaw ran a pro offense and carried himself in a professional, low-key manner that translated into disciplined, well-executed Stanford teams consistently outperforming more talented programs for eight years. Greg, Carrie Penner, and Rice have had close observations of Shaw as Penners earned an MBA from Stanford and continue to invest in the university as proud alumni while Rice is a longtime management educator and professor at the school.

Shaw is also familiar with the NFL game as he was an offensive assistant with the Eagles, Raiders and Ravens from 1997-2005.

Stanford has declined in recent years under Shaw with a massive increase in player movement through the transfer portal and strong finances Name, image and similarity NIL offerings have made it difficult for higher-level academic institutions to compete on the network.

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