Self-scout Draymond Green Warriors: ‘Real struggles’ but West is ‘there’ for the taking


Of course they are Can turn it over.


they Golden State Warriorsthat team that won four titles in eight seasons by the same Stephen CurryClay ThompsonDraymond Green Essence leads greatness then as they are trying now. But just five months after they slapped the champagne in Boston after Game 6 of the NBA Finals, and with the Western Conference sunflower test approaching Wednesday night in Phoenix, signs of the Warriors’ serious struggle are everywhere these days.

Not only are they 6-8 — six games worse than they were at this point last season — but they fail miserably on the defensive side as they excel throughout their long career (25th in the defensive rating). Even worse, they were knocked out of the regular season gates despite getting MVPs from Curry and solid play from their defensive captain, Draymond Green. Add to this the fact that the fourth year is a guard Jordan Paul He’s been playing better lately – especially when he’s starting out – and you start to realize the irony of it all: Greenball incident Which many thought might derail their title defense, doesn’t appear to be the culprit here.

So, what is the problem then? After the Warriors lost to Kings Sunday night I dropped them to 0-7 on the road Until now, Green – who shared a car with the veteran striker Jamical Green On to Sacramento – He took a few minutes to answer this crucial question over the phone as he headed back to the Bay.

Editor’s note: The following conversation has been lightly edited for brevity and clarity. Author notes in italics.

So how real are the struggles? Or how can it be fixed? What is the spirit of the group?

I think the struggles are real. Like, I don’t think our struggles are just something we can ignore. They are real struggles. They are fixable conflicts. I do not want to say that they can be easily fixed, because to say that something is easy in this profession is a lie in itself. But it is very fixable.

Do I think we’ll fix these things? definitely. The question is, “How long does it take to fix it?” It’s not something I’m overly concerned about. Prefer to have it sooner rather than later. But in saying that, to build what we are trying to build, we understand that it takes time. Now, how do you (do it) and you win? We’ve been in this situation before, where we had struggles and things that we had to work on and that we had to fix. But we were able to learn while winning, so it’s not glaring or noticeable. Now we’re losing, so those struggles are more visible. So I think they are real struggles, just like in the year or year championship you might start 15-2. You have struggles, but you only gain through them. We are losing now. But it’s very salvageable, and it’s not something I’m too worried about because I know what we can do.

Whereas the Warriors would bounce back with a blowout win Monday Night Saint AnthonyHowever, their general outlook is noticeably pedestrian at this point. They finished 20th in the net rankings, with a starting lineup of Curry, Thompson, Andrew Wigginsand Draymond Green Kevon Looney These are the Elite (24+ net rating in 151 minutes) and countless other squads that are just…ew. As well chronicled in our coverage, the two-timeline dream in which veterans blend seamlessly with newcomers is, well, Not going well. (Related note: The 2020 second overall pick, James Wiseman, was Sent to the G League for an extended stay this week.)

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What will the warriors do with the struggling James Wiseman?

If progress doesn’t materialize sometime soon, there will be inevitable questions on the list to be answered by Warriors general manager Bob Myers and his front office. Chief among them: Will they remain patient with prospects like Weizmann, Jonathan Cuminga (seventh overall pick in 2021) f Musa Modi (14th pick in 2021), or consider encapsulating it in a trade for a high-profile veteran promotion? As one source familiar with the Warriors’ plans pointed out, it’s still too early to make these kinds of roster rulings. A larger sample size is needed.

As one scout who watched the last Warriors game in person noted, Thompson’s struggles are also notable.

“He has no folk music,” said Al-Kashfi, who has been granted anonymity to be able to speak freely. “It seemed sluggish. And again, that doesn’t mean it might not be back to normal by spring. But it’s not like that now at least.”

As did Thompson Clarified at every turn This season, he believes he has gained more patience from his critics after losing two seasons due to a torn ACL and Achilles tendon. On his way out of the Golden 1 Center Sunday night, when Thompson said hello briefly as he headed to his hotel, he gave a breakdown of his play.

“The shots are going to fall, Sam,” said Thompson, who hits a career-low 33 percent from 3-point range while averaging 9.6 career tries. “The bullets will fall.”

It’s still worth repeating: the starting unit is not the problem. It’s the depth – or lack thereof – that simply needs to be improved.

You look at that second unit, and you have this discussion about guys who have a lot of talent and need to be there versus the idea that you can’t afford to play them so much when you lose. As a vet, do you tend to side with saying, “We need to take a swing with Jordan (Paul) and a few others and cut it in there,” or do you look at the long game and say, “It hurts, but we have to find a way to incorporate it?”

It doesn’t come back to me looking for the long game. What’s up to me as a leader, and as a veterinarian for these young guys, is to make sure they understand, to make sure that they’re doing the right things to prepare them for the best possible career they can possibly have. its my turn. And so I always do that, I always focus on that. But that’s unfortunate, because the truth is that (free agent addition) Donte Divincenzo Injury (with a hamstring strain in three matches, missing eight matches until his recent return) didn’t help the second unit. Instead of a couple of guys spraying in there (with a veteran like DiVincenzo) and then a couple guys spraying with some of the first group guys, that’s a different story, right? But when you’ve got four guys, they’re all trying to learn together and there’s not a lot of people out there to sort of arrange them, it’s (hard). It happened (to DiVincenzo), and then JaMychal (who also signed in the summer) walked out of the lineup, right? .

The 11-year-old veteran forward had a three-DNP-CD earlier this month but has since returned as Warriors coach Steve Kerr.

JaMychal is someone who will help us win basketball games and eventually win the playoffs. We understand that. And so I think with that, and you’re losing games, and then you’re just trying to figure that out, right? And you’re trying to put it all together. So you end up just looking for the best possible lineup out there. And as a coach, I understand that. I totally understand Steve’s mentality, and we cringe with that. But I don’t think it hit anyone. I just think we have to keep trying to put the right formations together, and that takes time. And when you lose, you feel more pressure to put that together.

Bottom line, are you losing sleep now?

I’m not losing sleep now. I think there are a few things we need to get that right, frankly, over the last few games, we’re getting it right. These losses will be converted into gains. I think there are a lot of games in the period that we lose, and we know how to win games in the long run. But games win at the margins. They don’t necessarily win at the end of the game. You may lose the game in the last six minutes of the game, but games are won within the margins, and we have to be better on the sidelines.

I’ll let you go, but put Your TNT hat Hold on for a minute and move to league a little bit. What has jumped out at you so far?

I’d love to see it through the conference. I think that dollars Genuine, and you have to respect what they have and who they are. You also have to respect the fact that, as good as you look, he’s (a three-time All-Star guard) Chris Middleton He did not return (after having off-season surgery to repair his left wrist). So when I look east, they are the ones who bring it together. Miami was unexpected for me (in terms of its struggles), but I have no doubt they will right their ship. And then in the West, I would look back on that day like no one stood out. He is there for us. If we pull ourselves together, which we will, he will be there for us.

(Photo: John Hefty/USA Today)

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