Seranthony Domínguez of Phillies believes mechanical faults are to blame for the recent struggles

Seranthony Domínguez stood on a hill and imitated his delivery without throwing a ball. It was a few hours ago Phyllis Showed Thursday night, Dominguez was looking for something.

“Physically I feel good now,” he later said while sitting in his locker. “My arms are good. Speed ​​is good. But something is wrong.”

The results say a lot. Dominguez has played four games since returning from a 3-week absence due to tendinitis in his triceps. The first two were easy, and breezy – six strokes up and six down. It was the last train wreck—eight runs on five hits, including two home runs, four runs, 13 hitters, and three hits.

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Domínguez’s arm strength appears to be intact. His sank averaged 98.5 mph on Wednesday night, including a 99.3 sizzle that Toronto’s Vladimir Guerrero Jr. hit for a three-stroke in the eighth inning.

The Velez believes the problems stem from a small mechanical defect. As Dominguez explained, his arm may be “a little bit behind” in relation to the rest of his body, affecting his driving. Only 25 of his 53 stadiums were on strike. Perhaps it would be an easy solution.

But there’s also no disregard for the fact that Domínguez has thrown 47, mostly into high-impact positions, having rarely been the last two seasons while recovering from Tommy John’s elbow surgery. Could he simply hit the wall?

That could be the case, said interim manager Rob Thompson. “Could it be the fact that he had [four] Since he’s back, so it might be a bit rusty. But it is an order. Being able to throw the slider in the right place.”

Thompson said Velez will likely start using Zach Evelyn in late-half situations to ease the burden on Dominguez and David Robertson, specifically. Evelyn has been a fixture throughout his career, returning this month after missing two months with right knee pain.

“I’m not afraid to use it in any situation,” said Thompson, who thinks Evelyn might adapt well enough to be a loyal worker to eventually make his show on back-to-back days. “The state of the game doesn’t bother him. It really gives me confidence.”

Regardless, the Phillies need their relief ace to bounce back before the end of the season. Even after the last two rounds, Domínguez has a 2.87 ERA and a strike rate of 30.3%.

“It’s tough,” Dominguez said. “The team needs me now. I’m just working on some mechanical stuff and trying to figure it out.”

At a pre-game gala, Velez presented the Paul Owens Award to first baseman Darek Hall and right-back Andrew Pinter, which is awarded annually to the organization’s top minor league player.

Hall was unable to attend because he was playing Triple A, which raised the question: Why is Hall still playing Triple A?

During Bryce Harper’s two-month absence with a broken thumb, Hall injured nine Hummers and hit 0.550. But he was not called up again in September, despite the roster being expanded to 28 players, because Velez wants him to continue playing regularly. Donnie Sands, who was called up instead, hasn’t appeared on a billboard since September 3.

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“It’s just a question, where will he play, and where will he hit the bat, other than the discus bat?” Thompson said of Hall. “I’d rather see Darek take it steady at bat in case someone falls down, then we can put it in place.”

Thompson wouldn’t rule out putting Hall on the post-season roster as a left-handed hitter, especially because Season Triple A would be over by then.

Hall had 27 homer and 0.546 slowdowns in 414 appearances for the board in Triple A through Wednesday.

Brave star Ronald Acuña Jr. has been scratched due to a tight back. …after throwing 58 pitches Wednesday night on his way back to the spin after a month-long absence, Zach Wheeler will increase his pitches by about 15 to 20 pitches for his next start, scheduled for Tuesday night in Chicago. … Phillies Scouts honored Zach Friedman with his annual Dallas Green and Clearwater Director Marty Malloy with the John Vukovich Award. …Aaron Nola (9-12, 3.38 PM) will start Friday night against Braves right-hand Jake Odorizzi (5-5, 4.04).

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