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Quick reaction to the Red Sox Agreeing to a one-year deal with the player Adam Duvall For $7 million…

Considering where we are in the off-season, I love this deal. Duvall has the ability to hit power and play above-average defense at quarterback, allowing Kiki Hernandez to return to the court. Seeing Chaim Bloom’s primary objective at this point is a guarantee Alex Cora He can be included in the starting lineup, Duvall is at least one step closer to this modest goal.

But there is a possibility that it could act as more than just a filler. Two years ago, Duvall struck out with 38, led the National League in RBIs (113) and won a Gold Glove in right field for the World Series champion Braves.

A 2016 All-Star with the Reds, Duvall topped 30 home runs three times. He’ll never hit the middle or walk much, but he has great potential from Hunter Renfroe as a right-handed fielder who will smooth out hitting totals with strength and a solid defense.

Tomase: After signing Duvall, two more FA’s the Red Sox could consider

The key will be how well he recovers from surgery to repair the torn tendon sheath in his left wrist. A similar injury slowed down David Ortiz In 2008 and again in 2014, and to correct something I wrote about Duvall on Monday, Ortiz didn’t undergo surgery to fix the problem, instead relying on a stellar cast in 2008 and a break in 2014 before ending his career with two better seasons.

Duvall injured his wrist in a really weird way, running into the short wall in left field chasing Shuhei Ohtani’s foul ball last season, but the fact that the injury occurred on his hand at least meant he wouldn’t strain the injury when he opened 90+ mph throws from outfield.

Speaking of the field, although he said he’s more comfortable lefty because it takes the wear and tear on his legs lower, the 34-year-old’s scores are above average across all three locations. Between Alex Verdugo and possibly Jarren Duran – not to mention Hernández – Duvall doesn’t have to play position every day.

It was time before the game to discuss the postseason in which the Red Sox should first escape from last place, but Duvall showed a penchant for drama with the Braves two years ago. 220 in those playoffs, but he pitched three times: running back Eddie Rosario to open the scoring in Game 2 of the NLCS against the Dodgers; smashing a two-run shot early in Game 1 of the World Series to open a 5–0 lead over the Astros; and adding the first grand slam in Game 5, which Braves followers have long considered one of the loudest moments in Atlanta history.


For one year on short money, the Red Sox certainly could have done worse. A healthy Duvall has the potential to outpace some of the higher-paid free agents, whether it be Benintendi (5 years, $75 million, White Sox), Mitch Haniger (3 years, $43.5 million, Giants), or Michael Conforto (2 years, $36 million). dollars), giants).

So now Bloom just needs to find another quarterback (Jose Iglesias? Elvis Andros?) and the Red Sox will at least be ready to open the season with a lineup full of great players.

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