Skull Session: Avery Henry has the Buckeye Nation behind him, Justin Fields continues to improve, Joshua Perry is on point and Nic Bouzakis is that guy


Welcome to the Skull Tuesday session.


Peach Bowl is 11 days away.

Let’s have a good Tuesday, shall we?

Our thoughts and prayers. On Monday night, Ohio State freshman Attack Avery Henry announced via Twitter that he had done just that He was diagnosed with osteosarcomaA form of bone cancer.

As I’m sure this has been the case with many of you, my heart sank when I heard the news. There are things that happen in this world that don’t make sense, and Cancer is one of them. But if anyone is strong enough to overcome the terrible disease, it’s Avery Henry. Unsurprisingly, the first-year Buckeye said he would and would fight like hell.

And when Avery doesn’t feel strong enough to fight, he can count on his family, friends, teammates, and coaches to support him. Of course, the big army of the Buckeye Nation would also be behind him.

Best wishes for a full recovery, Avery. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Justin Fields, everyone. As the Tuesday session of the Skull wrote, more than 3,500 people answered yesterday’s question in an 11W poll, “Has Justin Fields really broken Ohio State’s NFL QB curse, or does he have more to prove?” About 66% claimed he had a lot to prove, while 34% believed he had now broken the curse.

Whatever your answer to the question (or if you don’t), I think everyone will agree They want the fields to break the curse. Some just want to see him show more X, Y, or Z before they’re ready to deem it worthy of breaking the unfair stereotype placed on all Ohio State players who have entered and played in the NFL in recent memory.

In my view, Fields needs more consistent accuracy in the pros before I can confidently call him an NFL quarterback. But I understand that Bears wide receiver Darnell Mooney, your local paperboy and mailman needs some upgrades before we can see how talented Fields can be as a passer at that level.

Until then, I’ll have a lot of fun watching Fields run football like this week:

Fields has become such an NFL sensation that opposing defensive players are asked how to stop a sophomore quarterback when he flexes and runs. Fields’ former Georgia teammate, defensive tackle Jordan Davis, was one of the players asked for commentary in the week leading up to the Eagles’ 25-20 victory over the Bears.

From Martin Frank

As the Fields and Eagles’ rookie defensive tackle, Jordan Davis was a freshman at Georgia.

That season Fields was the backup to Jake Fromm. Fields mostly came late during blowout wins. Fields’ games came, primarily, in practice as the starting quarterback for the scouting team, often facing the Davis and Bulldogs defensive line.

“The way he ran on all of these defenses (in the NFL), he was doing the same thing at Georgia against a first-team defense,” Davis said. “That’s what makes him a dynamic player. He uses his legs. He has a strong arm. We saw it all in practice. We knew he was going to be a great player.”

Eagles Safety Kvon Wallace was also asked about Fields. Wallace played college ball at Clemson from 2016-19 and was part of the Tigers squad that beat Ohio State 29-23 in the 2019 Fiesta Bowl. Fields threw for 320 yards but was intercepted twice and rushed for only 13 yards as he was sacked four times.

Wallace was drafted by the Eagles that spring, so he didn’t play in a rematch when Fields threw six TDs. But Wallace watched that match, saying, “I was mad!”

He then added, “He definitely got better. He knew what the defense was like, and he took advantage of it. … (the AI ​​players in the first game) it was a bad decision and how he was throwing it. But he didn’t do it the next year. He knew. He got better and he kicked.” Our ass.”

And that’s the thing with Fields – it just keeps getting better. Whether it’s at Ohio State or now with the Bears, it just keeps getting better.

While Fields may not have broken the NFL QB curse at Ohio State just yet — at least not in everyone’s mind — you can bet a big bundle of money that he’ll do everything he can to break it as he works to put together a long and accomplished career in the league.

Berry on Point. If anyone knows what it means to succeed as an underdog, it’s the players on the 2014 Ohio State National Championship team.

Joshua Berry was one of those players, and he talked about how the 2022 Buckeyes can gain the same momentum he and his teammates generated during their magical championship nine years ago.

“As talented as we were, and as we knew we could be on the high end, we always discounted the fact that anyone would call us an underdog.”

The players at Woody Hayes Sports Center would do well to follow suit when they enter Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta on Dec. 31.

Is Georgia the top seed? Yeah.

Are the Bulldogs the better team? Could. potential. Yeah.

But will they be the best team in the Peach Bowl? we will see.

I heard a song as soon as I went…

Old Ohio has a team that is known all over the country
11 brave and daring Warriors whose fame will live on
And when the ball passes
Our cheers will reach the sky
O-hio Field will once again hear Buckeye Battle Cry
Drive, drive in that field
Men of scarlet and gray
Don’t let them pass that line
We will win this game today
Come to Ohio.
Smash through victory
We will encourage you as you go
We are honored to defend
Because we will fight to the end for old Ohio

If Perry and the 2014 team prove anything for the Ohio State University football team, it’s that you can never count on the Buckeyes. In 11 days it will be time to conquer victory.

Olympic Village. Ohio State wrestler Nick Bouzakis can do it all. Whether on or off the mat, the talented freshman makes an impact in the Buckeye community by simply being himself.

Last week, Bouzakis brought several of his teammates and coaches to The James Cancer and Treatment Research to make blankets and give them to patients who are on their first day of chemotherapy.

Bouzakis led the visitation mission in honor of his younger brother, Jericho, who was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer called disseminated autosomal glioma just before his third birthday. Greco was given three months to live. Instead, Greco Roman (like his wrestling form) fought Bouzakis for more than three years before his passing in November 2016 — just three days after he turned five.

From Whitney Harding NBC 4:

“At that time, he couldn’t talk, talk, or move, so what we’re going to do is put our hand on his heart to see if it beats,” Bouzakis said. “My sister and I went in, put our hands on his chest and didn’t feel a thing. They called the people who should come pick him up, and I had to carry him out of the house.”

Bouzakis said his family was so broken that day, and he knew he had to step up and be a rock for his parents and siblings. Being homeschooled, Bouzakis said he didn’t really have classmates or friends at the school to go to. Instead, take it all to the mat.

“I can tell you my workouts started after that,” Bouzakis said. “I was based on wrestling, and it got me here.”

“Here” Ohio.

And “here” in Ohio, Bouzakis is an amazing wrestler.

The former ranked 132-pound recruit and No. 2 overall prospect from Tampa, Fla., already earned No. 1 from the Michigan State Open in November and holds a 3-1 record in doubles, including a 10-6 decision against No. 6 Kyle Biscoglia of Northern Iowa on the Monday in which it was used Very disgusting Cradle to win the game.

My compliments to Bouzakis for honoring his brother Greco with his efforts in James. I hope he also continues to honor his brother with his performances on the carpet at Kovilli, around the US and the world. Wherever life takes him, a bright future awaits him.

song of the day. “Stupid Deep” by John Bellion.

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