Sleepy as Cubs make successful first visit to Mullett Arena: Cubs beat Coyotes 4-0


The Washington Capitals travel to Arizona to play the Wolves at Mullett Arena for the first time. The lowly Yotes beat the Caps in D.C. earlier this season, so potential revenge was in store.


Dylan Strom turned the game’s opening goal. Sonny Milano shot the cap on a two-goal advantage. Tom Wilson tipped in Dmitry Orlov’s shot to add one more. Strom placed second midway through third.

Darcy Comber Closing.

Capitals beat Wolves 4-0!

  • The first period was a tough one to watch for me. The Coyotes did nothing and the Hats responded by doing nothing. The pace of the fun stroll at which I played hats was very disturbing to me. Arizona sucks blatantly on purpose. Take the game to them. Don’t let them dictate your pace.
  • Dylan Strom He burned his former team with his tenth and eleventh goal this season. In what world would it have made sense to scratch this healthy guy? It still baffles me more than Anthony Mantha and Lars Eller’s decisions in this regard.
  • Speaking of lineup decisions. I suspect Nicholas Op-Koppel He’s a perfectly fine NHL six-man but has absolutely no business being the right winger on a line led by Alex Ovechkin. They may play well statistically but it will limit their scoring potential. I really don’t want to see more of that.
  • Am I just a weirdo or is the vast majority of this person incredibly hard to watch? Wolves are not a fun terrible team. It’s a terrible team in which all five skaters converge on the center ice when the opponent brings the puck into the offensive zone. Bleach.
  • Sony Milano He got on the board because this second line featuring him, Niklas Backstrom, and Tom Wilson stays hot. Per caps PRSince joining the squad, Milano are tied for second on the team with eight goals. What a pickup.
  • The Caps finally got their power on the board again. Tom Wilson’s tip from Dmitry Orlov’s volley was their first goal with a man advantage in seven matches. This is obviously not good enough but you should get the first to start running.
  • I was kind of excited to see the Caps game play at Mullett Arena. It turned out to be very much a college circuit but without any of the college vibe. ysh.
  • Arizona did nothing the whole game but maybe game three was the best? Think.
  • Darcy Comber He expelled his former team, adding to the league leader’s total in that regard (5).
  • By the way, what a sloppy pass Evgeny Kuznetsov On Strom’s second goal. The highlight of my night.

The Caps will stay out west after this game and take on one of their all-time favorite opponents in the Vegas Golden Knights on Saturday. More late night hockey!

Main image courtesy of @stekel28 / Twitter

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