Some believe the Broncos could make a decision as soon as Wednesday


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The clock is ticking on the NFL’s five job vacancies. As is often the case, one will hire and then others will follow, often quickly.

Some think the Broncos could go first, as soon as Wednesday. They were very impressed with 49ers defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans, who nobody can sign until his team’s current season is over. Former Stanford coach David Shaw He has also emerged as a viable candidate.

Sean Payton looms large on multiple careers. The prospect of a year-long Payton wait is starting to gather some traction. As of the wild weekend, we reported that it was a 50/50 offer Payton will take the job this year or wait for 2024.

Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn also interviewed for the Denver job. He coached the Falcons for six seasons, taking them to Super Bowl LI. It is believed that he will bring with him former Seahawks offensive coordinator, Darrell Bevell. Whether the former Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson On board with this possibility is unknown.

Shaw has ties to Broncos limited partner Condoleezza Rice. During Shaw’s tenure at Stanford, She was helping Shaw recruit. Recently, Mile Cleese of identified Shaw as “sleepingfor the job.

Shaw, 50, has NFL experience as an assistant and has spent 12 years as the head coach at Stanford. Another former Stanford coach with NFL experience as an assistant became the 49ers coach at the age of 47. His name was Bill Walsh. Other former Stanford coaches who have excelled in the NFL include Dennis Green and Jim Harbaugh.

The Broncos have had three consecutive head coaches win the job with no prior coaching experience. The newest coach, Nathaniel Hackett, has been a disaster.

While many believe the Broncos will now be heavily inclined toward hiring an ex-NFL head coach, Shaw’s experience running a major college program for twelve years can be seen as as good as that of an NFL head coach, especially since (on Unlike other former college presidents (coaches who quickly failed in the NFL), Shaw has nine years of experience working with NFL teams.

The relationship with Rice should not be overlooked, given that she was directly involved in interviews with Denver coaching candidates. Familiarity always helps when rolling the dice on a head coach, and Rice has a lot of that with Shaw.

At a time when the football program needs stability and calm, the fact that Rice is at a comfortable level with Shaw becomes a real advantage — especially since the rest of the brand-new ownership group is virtually inexperienced when it comes to selecting a head coach.

As one executive with another team recently explained to PFT, owners often feel overwhelmed by the CTO hiring process because, despite the success they may have had in other areas of the business, they ultimately don’t know what to look for when hiring. head coach.

If the Walton Benner group sees fit to include Rice as owner and involve her in the process, her voice may reverberate when the time comes to make a choice, because the rest of the ownership group won’t even begin to be able to. To form arguments against Shaw or in favor of another person. Thus, if Shaw is good enough for Rice, Shaw could end up being good enough for majority owners Greg Benner, Rob Walton, Carrie Walton-Benner and limited partners Melody Hobson and Sir Lewis Hamilton.

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