Stein: Wizards pitched to Rui Hachimura for Jae Crowder recently


You are looking for business rumors about Phoenix SunsSo here’s a new one for you.


While the Suns are looking for a rookie in exchange for starting quality Jae Crowder, the Wizards are trying to hit the Suns low ball.

According to long time insider league Mark Steinthe Magicians show Rui Hachimura for Crowder.

However, league sources say the Wizards recently pursued Crowder with a deal structure (believed to feature Rui Hachimura) that the Suns rejected. Phoenix is ​​reportedly seeking a reliable starter in the Crowder deal.

Of course, as of Wednesday, Phoenix also has a new property incoming after announcing a group led by the former Michigan State Goalkeeper Matt Ishpia has reached an agreement to buy the team from Robert Sarver for $4 billion. The entire NBA is awaiting clues as to how this will affect the Suns’ business dealings at the deadline several months after Crowder Watch already.

You might like Kyle Kuzma to Jae Crowder fans, Suns, which almost fits into a trade machine but would be a serious move to the Wizards.

Apparently, the witches believe that the amount of Crowder is much less than we think, or they are simply trying to weaken the sun.

The Suns haven’t been bitten, and now you can see why James Jones hasn’t traded yet. Nobody is offering good value at this point.

Hachimura was originally selected with the ninth pick in the 2019 draft, two points ahead of Cameron Johnson. Despite being already 21 years old, he was seen as a developmental selection with a high upside.

The upside was not achieved. And he got hurt a lot. Hashimura did not play in more than 58 matches in any of his first three seasons.

He started in each of his first two years, when he was healthy, but he lost his starting role last year and comes off the bench, when he was healthy. This year, he has appeared in 16 games, averaging 11 points and 5 rebounds. He doesn’t shoot well from distance (33% this year, a career-high 34% at low volumes) and doesn’t hit the line very often (1.8 per game this year). He also does not pass much. Profiles like Kelly Oubre Jr. , In fact. Or Torey Craig.

Stay tuned for more rumors, but just hold your breath for now. The good deals won’t meet until late January.

And even then, if you’re looking for a big promotion, someone with a new #2 in Devin Booker’s first place, that’s going to be hard to come by mid-season.

There have only been a few big deals that have swung in the title race. like ever. The Pistons acquired Rasheed Wallace in 2004, a move that helped them win a title. the Lakers He was a Pau Gasol All-Star in 2008, who helped them reach three consecutive Final Fours and win two titles. All Star DeMarcus Cousins ​​went to the Pelicans to play alongside Anthony Davis in 2017, costing only the Pels Buddy Hield, but didn’t end up helping the Pelicans in any way. That’s three big deals in about 20 years.

Sometimes smaller, but impactful deals can be the real winners.

Let’s recap last year…

  • Nets f 76ers Switch all stars in James Harden And the Ben Simmons. This did not end up increasing either team’s lead in the playoffs
  • The Mavericks fielded the former All-Star Christaps Porzingis to Washington for Spencer Dinwiddie, a move that at the time looked like it would hurt Dallas. In the end, she helped Dallas reach the Western Conference Finals as Dinwiddie had the series of his life against the Suns.

Now to the good:

  • the Celtics acquired Derek White The stricken Spurs are a 2022 first-round pick and a 2028 first-round pick, both of whom are very lightly protected. The 2022 pick ended up being the 25th pick (Blake Wesley). Only the choice of 2028 is protected by the first class. White was the starting cog for the Celtics in the World Cup Finals.

The Suns also made two deals last year at Deadline, acquiring Torrey Craig and Aaron Holiday in exchange for Jalen Smith and cash, respectively. Neither trade worked out well for the Suns.

Holiday was mainly acquired to fill the gap while Chris Paul and Cam Paine were both injured for a few weeks, then benched when they returned. Craig was bad in the playoff run in 2022, but he’s been really good this year. He was a quality rookie in place of Crowder/Johnson and basically completely re-judged Jae Crowder’s contribution (same points, rebounds, percentage, everything). Jalen Smith, meanwhile, got a new deal at Indiana and a starting spot, but recently lost it and is now coming off the bench. Even a year later, Smith doesn’t fit in any better with the Suns now than he did then.

James Jones needs to set targets a lot higher than Craig/Holiday this year. These rumors regarding Roy’s deal did not pan out.

Wait outside the market and get a good thing, James.


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