Stephen A. Smith Malika Andrews argues at First Take

It’s very rare to see two of ESPN’s biggest personalities in a place where they interact with each other in an unfavorable manner. But that’s what happened on Friday.

Stephen A. Smith, who hosts ESPN’s biggest show on First Take, got into a heated conversation with NBA’s Malika Andrews today after she called him out over his involvement in the Ime Udoka scandal.

The thing here is that we still don’t know much about the Ime Udoka scandal — at least not anything concrete.

The team has officially suspended him for a whole year, but they are not giving us details about him Exactly why or what did he do. All we know from previous reports on this issue is that there It was some kind of relationship with an unnamed woman The Celtics employees are at the center of this.

That didn’t stop Stephen A. Smith from the Celtics team called at First Take to suspend Udoka and not the unnamed employee he was involved with.

It is a consensual relationship and in violation of regulatory policy, she said, in several news reports. So he’s just violating company policy? The woman who chose to have a consensual relationship that does not violate? Is it mentioned and put on the front street? We don’t know who she is.”

He went on to talk about how taking out the woman involved in the scandal would ease the pressure of other women in the organization who were wrongly involved in the scandal due to online speculation.

Without thinking twice about it, Smith blames the rampant and incorrect speculation on the woman involved in this scenario that may have been darkened by Odoka herself. The simple fact is that we don’t have these details yet, and without them, it would be wrong to make any assumptions.

That’s why Andrew wasn’t getting it. She called to the show to notify Smith.

Stephen A, with all due respect, it’s not about pointing fingers. Stop. What became clear to me, at this press conference, is that we don’t have all the information here, and it was frustrating to me that the Celtics refused to disclose or give more details about exactly what broke the rules. this point.

We are not here, Stephen A, to blame women. This is not the reason we are here.

Of course, Stephen A. Smith to it and clearly did not appreciate what Andrews had to say here.

“First of all, let me be very clear, I don’t appreciate where you’re going with that. I don’t blame anyone but Im Odoka. The truth of the matter is that I said he deserves to be fired if you’re going to fire him. If you’re not going to fire him don’t fire him. All this is posted in my problem.”

Andrews tried to squeeze in another point here, but Smith quickly cut that off.

“Excuse me. I listened to you. You’re the one telling me to stop my show, it’s not happening. Yeah. That’s number one. Number two, I already said he deserves to be fired or he deserves to be there and deal with the matter internally and secretly.”

It is almost certain that this is a conversation that will not stop today. It will be a topic of discussion for the next few weeks as we approach the start of the new NBA season.

Hopefully, going forward, we’ll see this whole thing handled more carefully. This way we may not have to sit in arguments like this anymore.

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