Stephen Song wins the WPT Prime Championship ($712,650); Lara Eisenberg II


Stephen Song They battled through a huge field of 5,430 participants to win a $1,100 buy-in WPT Prime Championship on Monday for $712,650.


The World Poker Tour also hosted its first ever World Poker Tour WPT Women’s Championship end table in the same place, Wayne Las Vegasearlier in the day. Lena New He emerged victorious with $105,136. On Tuesday, starting at 4pm PT, the series will end with the final schedule of Buy at $10,400. WPT World Championshipand one player will receive $4.1 million.

Final table work

When the final schedule started, Lara Eisenberg Hold the lead lightly slide. the 2021 World Series of Poker Winner From Bethesda, Maryland, she was looking for her second championship title and her biggest paycheck.

Not so long ago George Scholukhia To be eliminated in sixth place ($153,000) when Eisenberg faced the aces.

George Scholukhia
George Scholukhia

Elon Messika Soon after the clip Albert Nguyen ($ 200,000) in fifth place thanks to a better shot on a pair of aces.

Messica played very well at the final table and made some great plays, including a patient call with Queen level against a spike on the river, which you can see in the following video.

Quadruple play is where the pressure has been intensified. With the difference between first and fourth place being $447,000, players were in the stack sandbox. But that didn’t stop them from doing some plays.

Two hours later, Messika’s run ended in fourth place ($265,000) when his tie failed to connect against Young Yum.

Elon Messika
Elon Messika

With the tournament down to three players, Eisenberg and Eume will tangle in some epic pots. At first, Eisenberg held a hole 10, and had Eum with an ace-queen.

If the pocket pair is solid, it will sit on top of the front of the slide up. Instead, the ace hit the flop and was on the third with three players remaining and Eum was the chip lead.

But moments later, Eisenberg gets some revenge when Eum marshals everything against her precocious power {a-}{5-} And she called him and then won him over {a-}{j-}. Shortly afterwards, in another big bet, Eisenberg collapsed in the straight and came back to carry a large chip lead.

The two poker players played one last bet together and it was another race, this time with Eisenberg getting the best of him and sending Eum into third place ($354,000). This set up a one-on-one match between Song and Eisenberg, who had a close 3-1 lead in chips.

wpt prime championship

Early in the match, Song hit two big hands including a monster bowl which he won with a four jacks. The quickly completed contest turned in his favour, and then in the 165th hand at the final table, he won further cool when he turned straight to break the first pair flopped, bringing an end to the tournament.

Eisenberg, a radiologist, received $481,500 for second place, but the champ of it all, Stephen Song, took home $712,650.

WPT Prime Championship final table results

Place player Award
1 Stephen Song $712,650
2 Lara Eisenberg $481,500
3 Young Yum $354,000
4 Elon Messika $265,000
5 Albert Nguyen $200,000
6 George Scholukhia $153,000

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