Stick Training Camp: Day One Thread & Quotes

The Carolina Hurricanes Training camp opened Thursday morning at the PNC Arena, as a large group of skaters divided into two groups began the journey into the regular season.

We’ll be giving some updates throughout the morning on what’s happening in the PNC Arena.

  • For starters, here’s how to break up the groups. Stefan Noesen, Jalen Chatfield and Calvin De Haan are all skating with the veteran group.
  • Andrei Svechnikov made the first attempt to shoot in the morning. I got a little fancy, went for the backhand and skated away from the bar. skaters skaters.
  • Ethan Beer skates with Calvin De Haan. Brent Burns with Jacob Slavin. Galen Chatfield with Dylan Coughlan. Brett Pesci with Brady Skji. For the most part.
  • Sebastian Aho with the next penalty shootout attempt, it’s bad. The goalkeeper is skating.
  • It is clear that Ahu is not lacking in early form. Just beat the man of defense completely and took a puck past Patrick Hammerla (I think). A few minutes later, Ahu got tricked as the ball puck got into the area against Brady Skagi and nearly brought him down. This guy looks like he’s good.
  • Jacob Slavin with a lackluster penalty shootout attempt. skaters skaters.
  • Brady Skajee makes a pass to Ahu, who passes a National Hockey League goalkeeper. Next set down, Martinock throttled in front of the grille. The next group hits the goal, and Aho buries a rebound. I swear others do good things too, but Aho is always remarkable.
  • Martinock takes the puck from behind Grid. The stick reaches the point and Chatfield’s shot hits the net by Noesen. Good little play.
  • Burns out with the next penalty shootout attempt. the hit. Backhand. rescued. skaters skaters.
  • Some early works of force play, and the groups appear to be: Aho-Jarvis-Teravainen-Kase-Burns and Svechnikov-Necas-Kotkaniemi-Stastny-Coghlan
  • Some solo action, Galen Chatfield and Teofu Travinen fought a big little fight. Teravainen eventually creates some space, but Chatfield has made it really difficult for a really long time.
  • Looks like this will do that for the NHL team’s time on the ice today. We’ll have some quotes here in a bit.

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Rod Princemore

On getting men back on ice: It’s always an exciting time for everyone to turn the page and look to the future. I don’t think anyone is very excited about boot camp because it takes a lot of hard work and a lot of systems and things thrown at you, but I think everyone is excited for the next trip.

On Jake Gardiner’s absence: He had a relapse and was not healthy enough to do so. Unfortunately he had a lot of surgeries. We know he was attacked, so it’s too bad for him that he wasn’t able to recover.

On the continuity of the camp and construction last year: I don’t know. You don’t want to change when you have a good group, but we still have seven new guys. Out of 20, that’s a lot. I think we had eight last year. It was of the same type. It’s the nature of the game now. How will it go. But what she’s referring to are the pieces we always seem to keep. This is our main group. Obviously we love them. So, I’m definitely excited.

On how different things are now from his first camp as a coach: I honestly don’t even remember my first one. It’s a different stage where we are as a group. I know that in the first camp it was “Well, is this going to work?” I didn’t even know if what I was putting in made sense. It’s obviously working, so now it’s ‘How do you improve it? How do you keep sharpening the knife?’ That’s why it’s different now from the ‘I’m not sure’ phase.

On team consistency to always be in the conversation: You want to be in that conversation. If you can have one of the best teams in the league every year, that gives you a chance. We want to have a chance. It’s safe to say that with the group we have now we have a chance. This is a far cry from when we had those stretches where hope was the most. Now it is more realistic.

Sebastian Aho

On his motives: 100 percent. I’ve worked my tail all summer. My body feels good. I feel like I’m physically a little better than last year and I hope that continues in games and I can benefit from it.

About the new mix of men: Fabulous. Great guys, first and foremost. a great people. Every new guy brings a new face and a new personality into the locker room. It is great to have it. Guys are elite, so they will definitely help us.

If he’s starting to feel like an older person: I’m not necessarily a senior, but I’m definitely not a beginner anymore. I’ve been through a lot with this basic and the staff. I feel at home here.

Brent Burns

Beginning of the training camp: I think we all know it’s a long season. You have to start doing the little things right from the start. I think this group, from what I’ve seen, is a really special group. They work hard. They are doing the right things. It is detailed. They all care about each other. They play for each other. It was so much fun to be a part of.

In Brind’Amour: You can’t say enough about him. When I was traded, I traveled like midnight on a Saturday. I came to the gym on Sunday morning and it was clear he was there working out. I had a good sweat. As a player, what a legend of the game. It’s easy to research and see what he did and what he made. It was so fun seeing how he does the training, the energy he brings behind the scenes, the level of detail and the culture.

Jacob Slavin

On his first impressions of Burns: it was amazing. The man works his absolute tail day in and day out. There’s a reason he’s 36 and 37 and can play 26 minutes a night. It’s because of his off-ice work ethic. You see his level of competition. And just the care and the way he takes care of his body and the way he takes care of the people around him. It was really exciting.

How do you feel about returning: it’s great. It’s a new year. I’m going to year eight myself. It’s crazy how fast you can fly. I am excited about this year’s opportunities with new faces. It’s the same expectation, but different pieces that we’re playing with this year. I am so excited for this year.

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