10 notes from the introductory press conference for new Detroit Tigers chief Scott Harris

Detroit – new Detroit Tigers Speaking Tuesday for the first time since joining the organization, President Scott Harris outlined his three-part vision for the team and talked about what drew him to Detroit. Harris, 36, takes over as chief of baseball operations after the Tigers ousted Al Avila at the end of seven failed rebuilding … Read more

Who is Scott Harris, Tigers’ New Head of Baseball Operations, and What Next?

The news came on Monday afternoon, seemingly out of nowhere. The tigersThe search for a new leader is complete. They hired Scott Harris – the former general manager of San Francisco Giants – As head of baseball operations. Harris will be officially presented at a press conference Tuesday afternoon in Detroit. We’ll be talking about … Read more

Bill Eggert | Summer Greetings in Pittsburgh | News

The Pittsburgh Pirates recently held a ceremony for their Hall of Fame. Many notable baseball figures and families of pirate legends were on hand, including all-time greats Bill Mazirosky, Steve Blass and Dave Parker. Four members of the Negro Leagues were also honoured, legends in their own right. Both honorees were honored with their own … Read more

Sarris: Across MLB, turnover rates are back again near their peak. Are sticky things here to stay?

Is the fight against spinning hopeless? Turnover rates around baseball are escalating again — almost back to where they were before baseball started enforcing foreign substance rules more actively in the middle of last season — perhaps due to the kind of evolution in sticky solutions that bowlers use to augment their stuff. Indeed, this … Read more

Manfred: MLB is ready to voluntarily recognize the Minor League Players Association

New York – Major League Baseball It intends to recognize the Junior League Players Association without forcing players to go through the National Labor Relations Board election process, an important decision likely to speed up the creation of the new union and reduce tension. “I believe we have informed the MLBPA today that we are … Read more

Ten MLB Show prospects poised for my top 50 spots in 2023: Tink hence, Kumar Rocker, more

Last week, you released Top 50 MLB Odds List After making some tough decisions. This week, I’m highlighting 10 players position And 10 pitchers just missed the chance. Here are 10 intriguing shooters that I believe will achieve my top 50 rankings in 2023 and go on to succeed in the major tournaments. The stats … Read more