Why you have to put up with Detroit Red Wings fans this year

Why you have to put up with Detroit Red Wings fans this year

Moritz Ciderpicture: Getty Images Well, yes, because they never shut up, regardless of the team’s fortunes on the ice. They’re always around, shouting “Yzer’s plan!” And they assure you that the Red Wings dynasty will continue because whatever comes in their minds in 2025 is still connected to what happened in 2002. That’s the way … Read more

Albuquerque Peaks Level The Last Outside Slope In Baseball

It’s no longer the last outer hill in pro baseballscreenshot: Twitter / @ABQTopes Wednesday, September 28, 2022 – Six years now having played the Houston Astros Final match with Tal’s Hill Center – The Albuquerque Isotopes played their last game with a hill in the center of the field. By 6 p.m. Thursday, Isotopes Hill … Read more

LIV Golf may have found, miscalculated, paid broadcast partner

Greg Norman and Cameron Smith, two golfers, accept garbage bags full of money from Saudis.picture: Getty Images How are you saying? Can’t you pay me to watch (empty)? Well, it turns out that the LIV Golf Touring/Vanity Project in Saudi Arabia might just have to pay to get people to watch. With no major sports … Read more

Cleveland Browns star booked speeding tickets before plane crash

It’s 100 miles an hour.picture: Getty Images There is a fine line between bad luck and stupidity, and the Cleveland Browns stretch between it and any “damned” team. Loss to planes in week 2 Summarize this because the NFL side kick average is less than 20 (bad luck), but giving up a 66-yard touchdown goes … Read more

NBA Hypocrisy in Tribute to Bill Russell

Isn’t that Bill Russell’s number, Alex Caruso? Isn’t that Bill Russell’s number, Alex Caruso?picture: Getty Images Respected Bill Russell. Debating among you which player is the best in NBA history, no name is more respected in the league’s 76-year history than his. He was inducted into the league for eight years in the NBL and … Read more

Celtics, Suns players shouldn’t answer to Odoka, Sarver

Jaylen Brown (left) and Marcus Smartpicture: AP There was a question asked. The question was not answered. All 30 teams participated in the NBA Media Day on Monday, but the National Spotlight was on only two franchises. Better still, two men: suspended Boston Celtics coach Im Odoka and Robert Sarver, owner of the “current” Phoenix … Read more

Keri Irving of the Brooklyn Nets says the anti-extremist stance has cost him more than $100 million

Noted anti-vaccination Keri Irvingpicture: Getty Images Athletes being stupid is not unusual. It was the essence of the sport’s entire existence. With social media out there and athletes with a giant trumpet whenever they feel like it, and without the filter the media can provide them (imagine Mickey Mantle today), they would feel a lot … Read more

Ben Simmons Tells JJ Redick He’s ‘Part of Philly Still’

Ben Simmonsscreenshot: JJ Riddick / YouTube Even though the NBA season is about a month away, it’s still an exaggeration to write about Ben Simmons. He’s never played basketball outside of (I suppose) heavily edited Instagram videos, yet he’s still in the public discussion. He could have exhausted all of his basketball skills from his … Read more

Nathaniel Hackett and Josh McDaniels help in the Brian Flores case

what!picture: Getty Images If Brian Flores, Dos Staley, Eric Penemi, and Byron Liftwich were all in a hangout, I would have paid good money to read the things they would probably say about how terrifying the head coach of the Denver Broncos was Nathaniel Hackett Las Vegas Raiders coach Josh McDaniels This was the season. … Read more

Brett Favre got caught red-handed and nobody cares

Booooo!picture: Getty Images Newsflash: As much as you love them, dogs aren’t humans. As infuriating as it may be, asking the police to do their job isn’t a fiery crime that should make you stumble in your line of work. But that’s not how it works in America. In this country, you’d get more mainstream … Read more