What would JJ Redick’s expanded role in the NBA look like on ESPN

What would JJ Redick’s expanded role in the NBA look like on ESPN

Stay in touch with the latest sports media Sign up for Andrew Marchand’s Sports Clicker, a weekly Sports + exclusive. JJ Riddick He will have a significantly expanded role in the games and the NBA draft as part of a new three-year deal that will cement him as a major part of ESPN’s NBA coverage, … Read more

Acuña delivers late, Braves last Phillies 8-7 at 11

Philadelphia – – Ronald Acuña gave the green light in the eleventh game and in the eleventh game. Atlanta Braves She stayed close in the NL East race, overtaking Philadelphia Phyllis 8-7 Sunday in a game that took more than six hours to complete due to a two-hour rain delay. The Braves split the four-game … Read more

The Cleveland Guardians won their first AL Central title since 2018

Arlington, Texas – ClevelandIt has another new name this year: AL Central. Five of the rookie Stephen KwanThe highest level of his career came with five RBI in the first Grand Slam of his career in the eighth inning and Aaron Ceval Two runs on three hits were allowed in five runs as the Guardians … Read more

Mets Ice Degrum lost 10-4 to Athletics

Oakland, California – – Jacob Degrom She was beaten and lasted four low innings of the season, and New York Mets Lost 10-4 to Auckland Athletics Saturday to miss an opportunity to create some distance in the NL East race. DeGrom is marked (5-3) on five runs and four walks – the two-time NL Cy … Read more

Stephen A. Smith Malika Andrews argues at First Take

It’s very rare to see two of ESPN’s biggest personalities in a place where they interact with each other in an unfavorable manner. But that’s what happened on Friday. Stephen A. Smith, who hosts ESPN’s biggest show on First Take, got into a heated conversation with NBA’s Malika Andrews today after she called him out … Read more

Jeremy Lin is the subject of a new documentary about 15 minutes of fame

Jeremy Lin is the subject of a new HBO documentarypicture: Getty Images The 2011-12 NBA closing season was really 11 years ago. to remember LeBron James vs Kevin Durant Flag football game And the tour by NBA stars who went to play at various gyms across the country? (I’m still upset that I missed them … Read more

The disgraced Phoenix Suns and Mercury owner Robert Sarver sold both teams

Robert Sarverpicture: Getty Images The NBA is better today than it was yesterday. I think this is something. Robert Sarver issued a statement, where he announced that he had begun the process of selling the Phoenix Suns and Mercury. A lengthy investigation was recently launched and identified the many avenues that Sarver has taken Oversaw … Read more

Baumgarner scored his first win since July, the linebacker D beat the Dodgers 6-1

Angels — – Madison Baumgarner He threw six runs of a one-hit ball, giving the former World Series Player of the Year champion his first win in nearly two months, and Arizona Diamondbacks multiply the Los Angeles Dodgers 6-1 p.m. Wednesday. Baumgarner (7-15) beat the Dodgers for the first time as a Diamondback and for … Read more

Raiders’ Josh McDaniels shouldn’t be a head coach in the NFL

Josh McDanielspicture: Getty Images The only thing worse than Josh McDaniels being a pinned loser at the helm of the team is that he’s also a known cheater. However, the Las Vegas Raiders looked the other way and hired him anyway. That’s why it’s impossible to feel bad for the Raiders and their start to … Read more

Acuña accounts for all four runs as Braves stop Velez

Atlanta – – Ronald Acuna Jr. was excited because Atlanta Braves They seemed to be in full force as they tried to win the Fifth Division title in a row. Not so fast. second base player Ozzy Albisone of Acuña’s close friends on the team, broke his finger and will miss the rest of the … Read more