Mika Zibanijad “Rangers” learned a lot from previous matches in the playoffs

Much has been made of the essence of Rangers’ youthful players and the experience they gained during qualifying, but the 29-year-old club’s top spot has learned a thing or two about himself as well. Mika Zibanijad led the Blueshirts with 24 points in 20 games after the season and is still going through his own … Read more

Vitaly Kravtsov is keen to “redeem” himself with the Rangers

Vitaly Kravtsov is not here to talk about the past, but the 22-year-old winger understands that it must be addressed. “I’ve definitely made a lot of noise in the past, so it’s essential for me to get myself back a bit,” said Kravtsov, who badly declined an appointment to the AHL Wolf Pack last year … Read more

Andre Miller was looking for more in the third season of Rangers

K’Andre Miller has played a role beyond his years in the NHL since his first season with the Rangers in 2020-21. It’s easy to forget that the 22-year-old defender is only entering his third season in the league. Calculating an average of about 20 minutes per game over two seasons at a top four position … Read more

NHL Burning Questions: New York Rangers

Danny Wilde USA Today Sports Welcome back to the latest entry in THN.com’s ‘Three Important Questions’ series. In this feature, we ask three big questions for every NHL team ahead of the start of the 2022-23 regular season. In this dossier, we ask three important questions about the New York Rangers. Three burning questions for … Read more

Rangers Vincent Truchic is excited to marry Artemi Banarin

Vincent TrochekHis wife, two children and two dogs have settled into their lives in New York, but when the veteran center hit the ice with the Rangers – the third team in his nine-year NHL career – for training camp Thursday afternoon at MSG Training Center in Tarrytown, he said he felt some unexpected tensions … Read more

Rangers season preview: Expectations are too high

The 2022-23 NHL season begins October 7. With the training camps open, NHL.com takes a look at the three keys, inside the scoop on roster questions, and the expected lineup for each of the 32 teams. Today, the New York Rangers. Fitness Trainer: Gerard Gallant (season 2) Last season: 52-24-6, second place in the capital … Read more

Igor Shesterkin angry after collision in Rangers training

If this happened during the season, one would imagine there would be an even greater response than Igor Shesterkin himself who smashed his baton on the back glass after coming off a bit of a limp after hitting the second goal in Rangers’ opening practice scuffle. Thursday. There was apparently no damage, with netminder remaining … Read more

Gerard Galant’s focus is on the new Rangers battle

Internally, just as on the outside, Rangers are sure to enter the season with high expectations. This is the normal arrangement after a trip to the conference finals. But if you think Gerard Gallant would admit it, well, you don’t know the club’s second-year coach very well, do you? “Last spring ended,” Gallant said at … Read more

What Dallas Stars Get In Nils Lundqvist

فنسنت كارتشيتا – الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية اليوم الرياضة في مواجهة وجود عدد كبير جدًا من رجال الدفاع الشباب الجيدين ، كان فريق New York Rangers يتعامل مع واحدة من أفضل مشاكل الهوكي ، لذا قاموا بالتجارة. في يوم الإثنين ، أرسل رينجرز اللاعب الواعد نيلس لوندكفيست البالغ من العمر 22 عامًا إلى دالاس ستارز لاختيار … Read more

Rangers trade Nils Lundqvist for Superstars in the first round

Rangers didn’t get immediate help with the return of Nils Lundqvist, but in getting their first player in 2023 or 2024 from Dallas for the unhappy 22-year-old Swedish defensive man, general manager Chris Drury have important assets he can transfer for immediate help in time. Final. That’s the crux of the matter for Blueshirts, who … Read more