Japan Golf Tour issues statement on LIV Golf, PGA Tour and DP World Tour

Japanese golf tour [JGTO] They released a statement about their stance on the LIV Golf Invitational Series, stating that they believe it would be “helpful” to remain neutral at this moment in time. Greg Norman, CEO of LIV Golf Tour, has previously stated his desire for golf’s governing bodies – especially when it comes to … Read more

LIV Tour of Golf: Louis Oosthuizen echoes the sentiments of Rory McIlroy

Louis Oosthuizen echoed Rory McIlroy’s feelings about the future of LIV Golf as he claimed that Greg Norman’s league was “going nowhere” and “there is no need for feud”. in James Corrigan reports from The TelegraphThe 2010 Open Championship winner revealed his thinking before joining the LIV Golf Invitational Series. According to Oosthuizen, he was … Read more

The PGA Tour plan will feature winners, losers, and captivating players

When it comes to making consequential changes, the world home of the PGA Tour has a lot in common with the Vatican, two reclusive worlds accustomed to moving at the sleepy pace of papal encyclicals rather than the pace expected in the modern world. It’s been 39 days since the final authority of the tour, … Read more

Leaf’s Tour of Golf: Does Branden Grace Feel Pain of Regret? yes…

Branden Grace, who played juveniles in LIV Golf Invitational SeriesHe admitted there was “sadness” of regret not being able to participate in the 2022 Presidents Cup as he claimed “things got out of hand”. Talking to Jimmy Wear from Sky Sports Ahead of Dunhill Links on the DP World Tour, the 34-year-old South African has … Read more

LIV Tour of golf: Japanese pros to be banned from PGA Tour’s ZOZO Championship

Hideto Tanihara has been added to LIV Golf Bangkok at the expense of Spaniard David Puig next week – and it looks like it will have dramatic implications for the Japanese golfer, who will now be banned from the ZOZO Championship on the PGA Tour and Sony Open in 2023. Tanihara has already been banned … Read more

LIV Golf Calls has reported a deal to show events on FS1 ‘incomplete and inaccurate’

Saudi-funded LIV Golf refuted a report on Tuesday that it was close to a US television deal that would buy time to show it on FS1. golf weekIn an article published on Tuesday night, multiple unidentified sources were quoted as saying the agreement was still in the works. will conflict with what Greg NormanLIV Golf, … Read more

Impressive Team USA win, Charlie Woods’ career cycle with the help of the tiger, and a poem by Tom Kim | This is the episode

Welcome to another installment of The Grind, as we play in agony after Wake Forest’s devastating double loss in overtime to Clemson. Despite making leaps and bounds in football over the past two decades, the lovable Blondes have lost 63 seemingly impossible games in a row to the top 10 teams dating back to 1946. … Read more

Rory McIlroy says the fight between the PGA Tour, and LIV Golf has the sport ‘tear itself apart’

Rory McIlroy He said on Wednesday that golf was ” tearing itself apart” as tensions continued between the PGA Tour and Saudi-backed LIV Golf in the sport’s division. McIlroy, a 22-time winner of the PGA Tour, said the split comes at the expense of players on both sides. “I don’t want a split game,” McIlroy … Read more

Rory McIlroy suddenly wants a truce on Leaf golf with the PGA Tour

One of LIV Golf’s biggest critics thinks it’s time for the PGA Tour and the controversial Saudi-backed circuit to sit down and talk as golf is ‘tearing itself apart’. “The ball in [LIV’s] court.” The four-time main winner, who is ranked second in the world, acknowledged that there were many challenges going forward, with Antitrust … Read more

Golf tearing itself apart: Rory McIlroy calls for talks between LIV Golf and PGA Tour

Rory McIlroy said he thinks it may be time for the PGA Tour and LIV Golf to happen because “the game is tearing itself apart.” McIlroy, who has been highly critical of the Saudi-backed LIV Invitational Series and She worked behind the scenes with Tiger Woods to help the PGA Tour come up with a … Read more