Proud to be American: 76ers star Embiid is now an American citizen

Proud to be American: 76ers star Embiid is now an American citizen

CHARLESTON, SC (Associated Press) — Joel Embiid tried to keep the stunt alive — that he was no more than a 7-foot-tall potato this summer. To hear Embiid say it, every day was as easy as a lazy Sunday morning. His biggest off-season achievement? “Sleep,” he said with a laugh on Thursday. Perhaps the Philadelphia … Read more

Cleveland Browns star booked speeding tickets before plane crash

Cleveland Browns star booked speeding tickets before plane crash

It’s 100 miles an hour.picture: Getty Images There is a fine line between bad luck and stupidity, and the Cleveland Browns stretch between it and any “damned” team. Loss to planes in week 2 Summarize this because the NFL side kick average is less than 20 (bad luck), but giving up a 66-yard touchdown goes … Read more

Will Hardy has no son in jazz. Walker Kessler looks like him

Walker Kessler and Will Hardy speak at a media day on September 26, 2022 (Rick Bomer, Associated Press) Estimated reading time: 3-4 minutes Salt Lake City – a haircut without frills. Same face shape. Same look as a clean shave. Yes, there are definite similarities between Utah Junior Jazz center Walker Kessler and new coach … Read more

Mariners outsmart Rangers at 11, approaching the supplement berth

Seattle (AFP) – Mitch Heniger and Jared Kielnik both provided two goals, and JB Crawford took the winning game in the 11th inning and closed out the Seattle Mariners in their first playoff game in 21 years with a victory over the Texas Rangers 10-9 Thursday night. The Mariners took a half-game lead against Tampa … Read more

Who will be the ultimate Rangers striker: Vessi? carpenter? Chase?

Read the expert’s report on Blueshirts Sign up for Larry Brooks’ Inside the Rangers, the exclusive + exclusive weekly sports. We Invited Continuing the discussion about Jimmy Vesey And his chances of getting a place on the roster/hold outside training camp after his impressive No. 26 performance in Opening 4-1 on Monday Exhibition win over … Read more

Rangers alternate leaders have not yet been determined

Playing with six substitute captains last season was a resounding success for Rangers when it came to team dynamism, which has thrived under the leadership of Jacob Tropa, Chris Kreider, Mika Zibanijad, Artemi Banarin, Barkley Goudreau and Ryan Strom. Now this Troba Captain was namedHowever, alternates must be handed over accordingly. Rangers coach Gerard Gallant … Read more

Sami Bliss’ return looks like it’s giving Rangers a boost on the wing

It’s been just over 10 months since Sammy Blais got involved in a hockey game. The 26-year-old winger is coming off the season-ending ACL tear that he suffered in his 14th game as a goalkeeper last season. He was memorably tripped into the corner by retired defender BK Suban. Coincidentally, Blais made his triumphant return … Read more

Kayvon Thibodeaux and Azeez Ojulari are ready to thrill the Giants’ defense

There is only one NFL appearance per player, and now that Kayvon Thibodeaux has his resume, he has a greater awareness of what this NFL life is all about. Thibodeau He was on the field for 37 shots Monday night In the Giants’ 23-16 loss to the Cowboys, they finally warmed up after missing their … Read more

Big series in ATL: Mets vs Braves with NL East on the line

ATLANTA (AP) — Two months into the season, it looked like the New York Mets were headed for a runaway east of the NL East. Not so fast, the world champion said. Two budding stars, the Atlanta Braves and suddenly found them excited Mojo. Now, it’s just a game behind the Mets heading into the … Read more

Scott Peronovich’s injury opens up a place on the list

Coach Craig Perrob did not receive an update on injured defender Scott Peronovich on Thursday. Still looking at him, Beerup said. “I can’t really give you any information about her at this time.” In this case, these numbers will be more than just a modern coach. Because when Perunovic initially suffered an injury to his … Read more