Zach Jones’ playing skills will never outperform Rangers’ obstacles

Zach Jones’ playing skills will never outperform Rangers’ obstacles

KINGSTON, RI – The Rangers’ first right-hand power quadruple unit has been in operation since Thanksgiving Eve 2019 when then-coach David Quinn assembled a group comprising of Chris Kreider and a quartet of right-sided bowlers at Mika Zibanegad, Artemi. Banarin, Ryan Strom, and Tony DiAngelo. When asked about alignment, Quinn simply said, “They are our … Read more

Julien Gautier is likely to fall victim to the Rangers roster crisis

Unless my eyes were deceived, Julien Gautier outperformed Vitaly Kravtsov in the second bootcamp in a row. A year ago Gauthier did university work, Kravtsov was appointed to Hartford and we all know what happened in the immediate aftermath. Kravtsov will not be assigned to the AHL now. There is still plenty of hope for … Read more

Vitaly Kravtsov is keen to “redeem” himself with the Rangers

Vitaly Kravtsov is not here to talk about the past, but the 22-year-old winger understands that it must be addressed. “I’ve definitely made a lot of noise in the past, so it’s essential for me to get myself back a bit,” said Kravtsov, who badly declined an appointment to the AHL Wolf Pack last year … Read more

Young Rangers enter the camp with bigger roles to conquer

Rangers’ under-25s squad will dominate the conversation at most training camps this week, and the entire 2022-23 season. Could Alexis Lavrinier, the Blueshirts’ first overall pick in two short years, play a bigger role? Will Kabu Kaku, who was the second pick in 2019, be able to stay healthy and have an overall impact? And … Read more

Rangers trade scenarios Nils Lundqvist: Montreal, Detroit

Read the expert’s report on Blueshirts Sign up for Larry Brooks’ Inside the Rangers, the exclusive + exclusive weekly sports. So Sweden defender Nils Lundqvist joined seventh-placed Lias Andersson in 2017 as another European player who didn’t make it for Rangers. But fortunately for the Rangers Lundkvist’s Last Commercial Order You won’t flip plans for … Read more