The Braves haven’t made huge noises out of season, and that’s okay

exploreThe Braves agree to contracts with all arbitration-eligible players except for Max Fried

The Braves are as group as a team can be. Only Max Fried will participate in the judging. Of their key players, only Fred is close to free agency, and he’s under contract through 2024.


Minus Swanson, they need someone to play a short role; Von Grissom will get his chance. Questionable Left Field, What’s With Adam Duvall – Breaking News! — after agreeing to a one-year deal with the Red Sox and Eddie Rosario after a tough year. Since signing Marcell Ozuna to a four-year deal at $64 million, the Braves have received two seasons from WAR, but you have to think Travis d’Arnaud will become a part-time DH.

Over a period of five years under the leadership of Anthopoulos, the Braves went from strength to strength. In 2018, they again broke . 500 and won the National League East. In 2019, they won 97 matches and the second division title. In 2020, they entered the World Series game. In 2021, they won the World Championship. In 2022, they became the most improved defending champion in the playoffs era, going from 88 wins to 101 victories.

They’ve won five straight Division 1 titles, and we can no longer say they outperformed a weak field. The Mets have won 101 games in 2022. The Phillies have reached the World Series. Both should be fine again. Phillies signed Tria Turner. The Mets signed Justin Verlander. (Upon further review, the Mets did not sign Carlos Correa.)

The Braves spend in a way they haven’t since Ted Turner owned the club, but they spend in a way they never have. They did sign some free agents – Josh Donaldson, Ozuna, Will Smith, Cole Hamels, Charlie Morton – but never signed a free agent to a $100 million-plus contract. Deals like these have only been awarded to those who are truly brave. Anthopoulos plays the long game in a sport whose order changes every day.

As Anthopoulos told AJC’s Justin Toscano: “There’s a risk with this, there’s no doubt about it. That’s the trade-off. You guarantee. You commit. But we love the fact that players can just worry about going out and playing… They know they’ll be here.”

exploreThe Braves are keeping young star Michael Harris with an eight-year contract extension

Freddie Freeman is the Dodger. Swanson Cub. Here’s who the Braves will be for the foreseeable future: Murphy, Ronald Acuna, Austin Riley, Ozzie Alpes, Matt Olson, Michael Harris, and Spencer Stryder. The Braves have been good for five years, they should be good for at least another five years.

However, there is one small movement I would like to see before shooters and hunters decide. I’d like to see the Braves sign Elvis Andrus, who was a top prospect here until he was shipped to Texas in the unfortunate Mark Teixeira deal. He’s 34. He’d be a good insurance policy at Shortstop.

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