The Bulls’ Coby White stays fit, and brings the clincher to a big win against the Bucks


Milwaukee – With Goran Dragic sidelined by a left cervical needle, everyone knew Kobe White’s opportunity would come Wednesday night at the Fiserv Forum.


But no one could tell how big the fourth-year guard was.

White sank a 3-pointer with 1 minute, 15 seconds left and then added a go-ahead 3 with 46.1 seconds left after Alex Caruso charged Giannis Antetokounmpo in Chicago BullsImpressive victory over the Milwaukee Bucks.

“Here’s a mug,” DeMar DeRozan said. “I have so much confidence in Cobb every time he hits the ball. I tell him all the time that if he misses one, two three, keep shooting him. He’s got that ability to get hot.

“At any given moment in the game, I’m looking for Cobb. The one he hit in the corner, I knew if he broke his leg, I’d find him and kick him out. That’s what he does.”

In fact, it helped DeRozan get a 3-go-forward, one of the 18th highest in a bull season he has made on the night. Such is the significance of White, who finished with 14 points, four three-pointers and three-pointers in a very active night. For a team largely devoid of 3-point shooting, White can supply in a hurry.

“It changed the game,” DeRozan said. “Cobb warms up, any given game he can make six or eight threes. He changes the way defenses guard us when he’s there.”

White played just four and 14 minutes in his first two matches after missing eight games with a left thigh bruise. He shot 1-for-7 from 3-point range in those two contests.

But to hear their teammates say it, they always think the next shot will come in.

“He’s been doing it his whole career. He stays ready. He’s confident,” said Zack LaVine. “He’s not afraid to catch or miss a shot. That’s what I’ve always respected. Nothing new. He’s done it before.”

White was actually out with 6:21 left but came back with 3:55 to play after Ayo Dosonmu made an ugly spin. Coach Billy Donovan said afterwards that he originally went with Dosunmu because of the offensive formations the Bucks use and the games they create.

“But we were kind of looking a bit out of sorts. I felt like we were going to need some perimeter shooting because they were going to load up the floor and turn around,” Donovan said, explaining his decision to reinsert White. “The way DeMar is guarded, I thought he was going to need some guys around him who could throw the ball.” on them.”

White actually missed his first 3-point appearance after the re-entry. But Donovan praised the attacking possession and attempted shots because they came from a good player and the movement of the ball.

“He can correct course very quickly,” said Donovan. “The one thing I love about Coby is the flexibility there. He doesn’t get angry with himself. He stays attached and just believes in himself.”

That belief led to two big shots in the Bulls’ biggest victory of the season.

“My teammates played the right game. It wasn’t really anything special,” White said. I finally landed a few shots.”

White describes himself as a nice guy. Heating it up can do wonders for the bulls fortunes going forward.

And about that resilience Donovan alluded to: It extends beyond mistakes on the field and into another challenging season plagued by injury and inconsistent minutes.

“I just trust my job,” White said. “It wasn’t a perfect start to the season for me, because I’m getting hurt, I’m out of the cycle. I got a chance and I just tried to make my mark on the game.”

mission accomplished.

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