The Chicago Bears may aspire to a No. 1 sleeper, the Draft Insider warns


If there’s one thing to always remember about the NFL Draft, it’s to expect the unexpected. People had preconceptions in January about how the top five picks would play each year. Every year these people are shocked when players who rarely give time of day end up going much higher than expected. Nobody had Eric Fisher finish first overall in 2013. The same was true of Baker Mayfield in 2018 and Travon Walker in 2021. For these reasons, it may not be wise to say who the Chicago Bears might target or Don’t target him when it comes time to make their choice.


Everyone thinks it comes down to one of two players GM Ryan Bowles will target. It will be either Alabama rusher Will Anderson or Georgia defensive tackle Jalen Carter. Logical. They both fill the Bears’ prime needs and have been very effective in the top college football conference. However, an insider project Charlie Campbell He revealed the possibility of the two having company soon. He is hearing from multiple circles in the league that another name will be catching the eye this spring.

It is enough to challenge the right to first place overall.

“A year ago at this time, Georgia defensive end Travon Walker was not expected to be the #1 pick overall in the 2022 NFL Mock Drafts… Jacksonville was more inclined to tackle the line,” said their head coach and returning Cam Robinson at left tackle. Defensive at the top of the first round…

… This year, some team sources believe a similar dynamic could also happen because there are some scouts and team managers who do Prefers Texas Tech defensive end Terry Wilson over Alabama edge rusher Will Anderson. The reasons match those of 2022. Like Walker compared to Hutchinson and Thibodeau, Wilson is taller than Anderson because Wilson is taller and has longer arms. These evaluators also feel that Wilson (6-6, 275) has a more athletic side due to his combination of size, speed, and athleticism. Meanwhile, team evaluators feel Anderson (6-4, 235) has a skill set that lacks dynamic speed, size, strength, or athleticism.

We’re still very early in the 2023 NFL Draft process, but Wilson Being an up-and-coming Travon Walker of the Year According to team sources.


Wilson is the perfect Chicago Bears role model.

Coach Matt Eberfluss said one of the things he prioritizes for players is height. He’s a big believer in having athletes with long arms. Increases odds of forcing coups and consistent intervention. Wilson is all he’s looking for on the defensive end. He is 6’6 and 275 lbs and his arms are said to be between 35 and 36 inches in length. One thing you can’t teach is size. This guy has dimensions. His athleticism also stands out. It moves quickly and fluidly, capable of lunges from three-point and two-point positions.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t finish the last few games of 2022 for the Red Raiders. He dominated with seven sacks and 14 tackles for loss in ten starts. What might make him appeal to the Chicago Bears is his versatility. It is able to apply pressure from the edge and from the inside. His height and strength are often more than guards and centers can handle. This is a key point for Campbell. While No. 1 overall may be a slight reach, Wilson is a target they would absolutely consider if they traded as many would expect.

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