The defense must play as one against a back of its caliber

Hats off to Jair Alexander, not because of his brilliant interception that was brilliant, but because of his play on the goal line. That pile was moving forward until Ja smashed the party. Sticking his nose there was an impulse to send the heap backwards. Fields drop forward, and the Hazmons get the ball at 25 after the kickoff, rather than the 1-inch streak.

Football players are football players. While Jaire Alexander makes his money far from the recipients, he’s also not afraid to get dirty and perform a play when there’s one to make.

What is the condition and depth of the TB O line? If the most reliable part of their attack was RB, I would imagine our front seven along with limiting our turnovers would be key W.

Tampa banged. It all started at boot camp when Ryan Jensen injured his knee in practice. Tackle left Donovan Smith has long sat against New Orleans with an elbow injury and did not train on Wednesday. Josh Wells started a left tackle in place of Smith, but was then put into injured reserve on Wednesday.

Gentlemen: The Rock in his report: “…620 pounds of rompin’ stompin’ fury…” in describing the dominant O-line effort. A perfect adjective phrase to describe what is required of an O line against tuberculosis. Very good description, eh? GPG

exactly. As the health of this group improves and continues to gel, I expect to see big jumps from week to week. Even with Elgton Jenkins back in the lineup last week, I thought the offensive line was playing with more confidence and showing off.

Miranda from Rochester, New York

good morning. All. Did you happen to see the block from Elgton Jenkins on Roquan Smith while Dillon was running at about 10 minutes in the second quarter? Oh my gosh, Smith drove back about seven yards. It’s not often that you see an adult man being handled too roughly. Yes, there is a slight difference in size, but that should be a shot at ol’ ego!

There is a difference in size, but that advantage is neutralized by how hard a 310-pound lineman can hit a faster, more elusive midfielder in space. The most encouraging thing about the Packers offensive line’s performance is how well it fended off against Chicago, specifically in the second tier. The Packers have focused heavily on the sport with the O-linemen who drafted recently, and it’s showing up in that area.

We know Sami was among the No. 4 draft picks. Did the Packers have a choice of #1, 2 or 3 on their list?

At the same time? I’m not sure. But many of the top three picks spent time in Green Bay (who were not originally drafted by the Packers): Russell Md. (#1), Kee Jana Carter (1), Tim Koch (1), Julius Peppers (2), Rick Mererer (2), Vince Young (3), Blake Portels (3), Akelly Smith (3), etc. Charles Woodson was the No. 4 pick, too.

Do you know anything Tom Clements is doing to continue working with Jordan Love to help him get ready for the game while he’s unable to play or have many first-team reps?

Oh yes. This process does not stop because the firm needs to make sure the love is sharp if asked. I mentioned this earlier this month, but Love is still very much involved in the game planning process. It still goes through the installation process along with QB1.

Someone asked Spoff in Midweek conversation About why Sammy Watkins wore sleeves even though they were warm. Although I can’t speak for him, I know I always wore sleeves unless it was ridiculously hot because it kept my muscles warm on the fringes and protecting my skin when I went to the floor. If you always train and play this way, your body will get used to it.

surely. Some players prefer to wear long sleeves all the time. I remember Damarius Randall usually doing this in Green Bay.

Wes, are you worried about not receiving production from the tight end position?

no. Packers have a bunch of options for attacking – running back, receiver and tight end. You don’t have to use them all every week.

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