The future of Angel Stadium is uncertain after Moreno decided to keep the Angels


With brown art And the Moreno family decides to stick to Los Angeles Angels Exploring a potential sale, and a future ended Angel’s playground And any potential redevelopment is again up in the air.


Moreno f Angels Officials, along with Galaciotto Sports Partners, meeting potential buyers regarding the sale of the team. After revealing a lot of financials and having a lot of meetings, Moreno decided to back out of the sale. In the current situation:

“Throughout the process, it became apparent that we had unfinished business and we feel we can make a positive impact on the team’s future and the fan experience. This season, we’ve stuck to franchise record player payrolls and still want to achieve our goal of returning the World Series to our fans. Excited for this next chapter of Angels Baseball.

“We are grateful to the partners of Galatioto Sports for their outstanding efforts throughout the process which allowed us to meet a number of highly qualified individuals and groups who have expressed great interest in the club. However, as the discussions progressed and began to take shape, we realized that our hearts remain with the Angels, and we are not ready to part ways with the fans, the players and our staff.”

Now, to be clear, Moreno never agreed to sell the team: He described it as an exploratory process and sought to determine the value of the team. With the Angels expected to bring in at least $2.5 billion — and possibly more, considering there are some upsides based on the uncertain state of the Angel’s stadium — MLB’s sale price was widely expected to exceed the $2.4 billion that Steve Cohen paid for the New York Mets. .

But things did not progress to the bidding stage. So Moreno is committed to the team for the time being. Besides the need to address some significant financial challenges on the player side (i.e., addressing Shuhei Ohtani’s future), any Angels owner will need to talk about the future of Angel Stadium.

It is cloudy at best. Moreno put the team on the market yet Negotiations to purchase the ballpark and surrounding land from the City of Anaheim collapsed when Former mayor Harry Seydow was accused of sharing financial information with the team in exchange for a $1 million contribution. Seydoux resigned from office, and the city council used the accusations as a pretext to cancel the deal with Moreno.

Neither the Angels nor Moreno made any political contribution whatsoever, and despite an FBI investigation, Seydoux was never charged with a crime.

But while many in Anaheim and baseball expected the city’s owners and the Angels’ new owners to make another run in the Angel Stadium development plan, which would likely call for a renovated facility, Moreno’s continued ownership of the team could complicate the effort. Angel Stadium’s lease expires in 2029, and the development plan is designed to keep the team in Anaheim for the long term. While we don’t expect the team to leave the market—the Angels draw well and have a great broadcast deal—the uncertain future of basketball may scare away potential buyers; For others, who are pursuing the popular financial model of using professional sports as the focus of future development, it is catnip.

We’re not sure some of the potential billionaire buyers identified by the press were all that serious –Los Angeles Times Owner Patrick Seung-chun and partner Kleiner Perkins, Golden State Warriors (NBA) and former Oakland A’s suitor Joe Lacob have expressed interest — but we’ve heard of a few investors who saw the potential to develop any Angel Stadium. Lacob oversaw the construction of a new arena in San Francisco whose associated development was, in fact, part of the deal. But Moreno never let things get to that point — a development that MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred praised in a statement:

Despite the strong buyer interest in the Angels, it is Arte Moreno’s love for the game that is most important to him. “I am very happy that the Moreno family has decided to continue to own the team,” said Manfred.

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