The most valuable sports empires in the world 2023


Sports moguls deploy a variety of tactics to bring in more cash, boost the value of their sprawling holdings and create diverse international giants who promise to pay in the future.



eam owners have hit the jackpot by leveraging and extending their brands and intellectual property. And they’ve done this in several different ways: by buying into more teams, charging higher prices for media rights, expanding content distribution through streaming, sponsoring cross-selling through various sports assets, developing mixed-use real estate, and investing in sports-related technology and analytics. and sports betting and specialty sports, such as indoor lacrosse.

The result: The world’s 25 most valuable sports empires have a combined value of $174 billion, a 23% increase from a for a year. This year we added a new 10% premium to the overall value of a sports empire to account for the scalability that comes with owning so many sports properties. Even without a bonus, the top 25 sports empire is still doing much better than last year. It would have risen 11.9% to $158 billion.

The Liberty Media sports empire, worth $21 billion, sits atop. Headed by billionaire John Malone, Liberty’s primary sports assets are the Formula 1 motor racing circuit (enterprise value: $17.1 billion) and the Atlanta Braves MLB team ($2.1 billion). Formula 1 had a 2022 banner, with an average of 1.21 million viewers across the ESPN family of networks, the highest on record for the series, and signed a new television deal in June It said It’s worth at least $75 million annually, 15 times her previous deal. No wonder the Saudi sovereign wealth fund considered acquiring Formula 1 for $20 billion last year, according for bloomberg.

As for the 2021 World Series champions Atlanta Braves, it looks like Malone, who paid $400 million for the team in 2007, may be poised to capitalize by He sells With them. Thanks in part to the Braves new stadium and Atlanta Battery, a mixed-use real estate project, had revenues for the first nine months of 2022 at $535 million compared to $466 million for the same period in 2021. There are worse things than betting on Malone. Over the past year, the share price of the Formula One tracker and the Atlanta Braves has gained 5% and 35%, respectively, while the S&P 500 is down 13%.

Malone is the exception rather than the rule among owners of sports empires. Instead of using stocks to support their strategy, many of them build their most valuable teams, some believe in dominating the local market and others think globally.


Billionaire Ted Leonsis, who owns Monumental Sports and Entertainment, is a prime example of domestic market dominance. MSE owns the Washington-based NBA Wizards and NHL Capitals as well as the building in which both teams play, Capital One Arena. MSE recently Sold 66% of NBC Sports Washington it did not already own, giving Leonsis control over the distribution of his content. We value MSE at $4.51 billion, 20th on our list. Leonsis seems to be looking to add to his homegrown sports empire Purchase MLB Washington Nationals.

An example of a more global thinker is Kroenke Sports and Entertainment, an empire run by billionaire Stan Kroenke that ranges from England (Arsenal soccer team) to the western United States (NHL’s Colorado Avalanche, NBA’s Denver Nuggets and NFL’s Los Angeles Rams). KSE has a total net worth of $12.75 billion, which is good enough for second place on this year’s list. Kroenke loves the real estate play, having poured over $5 billion of his own money into a new SoFi stadium for his and nearby soccer team. Hollywood Parkwhich will include everything from food and fitness to art and entertainment.

Harris Blitzer Sports and Entertainment is the premier technology and venture capital opportunity in the sports business. Certainly, its centerpiece is its ownership of the NHL’s Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Devils. But according to our stats, HBSE, ranked #18 on our list with a valuation of $4.65 billion, gets more than $100 million of its value from its stake in technology, esports and lifestyle investments via properties like Elevate Sports VenturesAnd New Meta Entertainment And HBSE projects.

Investment companies, relatively new entrants to team ownership, may not be content with owning small groups of teams. Sure, North American leagues like the NBA, MLB, and NHL It has limits About how much institutional investors can own, and the NFL bans them entirely. But it is possible to use a large European brand to return to owning a large model. Prime example: RedBird Capital, a newcomer to the Top 25 by buying a controlling stake in Italian soccer team AC Milan in June for $1.28 billion. The previous year, RedBird had purchased an 11% stake in Fenway Sports Group, whose holdings include MLB’s Boston Red Sox, English soccer team Liverpool, and the NHL’s Pittsburgh Penguins. RedBird ranks 25th on our list, with a value of $3.6 billion. Fenway is worth $10.4 billion, which is good enough for fourth.

The world’s most valuable empires in sports 2023

*Denotes ownership of 50% or less


1. Liberty Media

Values: $20.80 billion

Properties: Atlanta Braves, Formula 1, Drone Racing League*, Kroenke Arena Co. *, Meyer Shank Racing *, Extra Sports *

Key people: Gregory Maffei (President and CEO), Albert Rosenthaler (CCDO)

2. Kroenke Sports and Recreation

Values: $12.75 billion

Properties: Los Angeles Rams, Colorado Avalanche, Denver Nuggets, Arsenal FC, The Guard, Colorado Rapids, Colorado Mammoth, Altitude Sports and Entertainment

main person: Stanley Kroenke (Owner and Chairman)

3. Jerry Jones

Values: $11.32 billion

Properties: Dallas Cowboys, Legends Hospitality*, The Star, GameSquare Esports*

main person: Jerry Jones (Owner, President, and General Manager of the Cowboys)

4. Fenway Sports Group

Values: $10.40 billion

Properties: Boston Red Sox, Liverpool FC, Roush Fenway Keselowski Racing*, NESN, Fenway Sports Management, Pittsburgh Penguins

Key people: John Henry (Co-Founder and Principal Owner), Thomas Werner (Co-Founder and Chairman)

5. Madison Square Garden Sports

Values: $9.17 billion

Properties: New York Knicks, New York Rangers, Counter Logic Gaming, Hartford Wolf Pack

Key people: James Dolan (Chief Executive Officer), David Hopkinson (President and COO)

6. The Craft Collection

Values: $8.40 billion

Properties: New England Patriots, New England Revolution, UFC*, Kraft Analytics Group, DraftKings*, Oxygen Esports*, Roblox*

main person: Robert Kraft (Founder, President and CEO)

7. Yankees World Wide Projects

Values: $7.64 billion

Properties: New York Yankees, Legends Hospitality*, YES Network*, New York City FC*, Yankee Stadium Events, AC Milan*

main person: Hal Steinbrenner (Managing General Partner and Chairman)

8. The Glazer Family

Values: $7.53 billion

Properties: Manchester United, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Key people: Brian Glazer (Owner and Co-President of The Buccaneers), Edward Glazer (Owner and Co-President of The Buccaneers), Joel Glazer (Owner and Co-President of The Buccaneers)

9. Paul G. Allen Trust

Values: $7.41 billion

Properties: Seattle Seahawks, Portland Trail Blazers, Seattle Sounders*

main person: Judy Allen (President)

10. Maple Leaf Sports and Recreation

Values: $6.42 billion

Properties: Toronto Raptors, Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto FC, Toronto Argonauts, Toronto Marlies

Key people: Cynthia Devine (President and CEO), Sabina Rizvi (Chief Financial Officer)

11. 49ers Enterprise

Values: $5.97 billion

Properties: San Francisco 49ers, Leeds United* FC, Elevate Sports Ventures*

Key people: Dennis DeBartolo York (Owner and Co-Chairman of the 49ers), John York (Owner and Co-Chairman of the 49ers)

12. City Football Group

Values: $5.96 billion

Properties: Manchester City, New York City FC, Melbourne City

Key people: Ferran Soriano (Chief Executive Officer), Roel de Vries (Group Chief Operating Officer)

13. Shad Khan

Values: $5.95 billion

Properties: Jacksonville Jaguars, Fulham FC, All Elite Wrestling

Key people: Shad Khan (Jaguars owner), Tony Khan (Chief Football Strategy Officer; CEO and General Manager of AEW)

14. The Benson Family

Values: $5.69 billion

Properties: New Orleans Saints, New Orleans Pelicans

main person: Gayle Benson (owner of Saints and Pelicans)

15. The Guggenheim Department of Baseball

Values: $4.92 billion

Properties: Los Angeles Dodgers, Spectrum SportsNet LA

main person: Mark Walter (CEO)

16. Hassan Sports Group

Values: $4.83 billion

Properties: Cleveland Browns, Columbus Crew

Key people: Dee and Jimmy Hassan (Directors and Principal Partners)

17. AMB Group

Values: $4.77 billion

Properties: Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta United, PGA Tour Superstore, AMBSE Ventures*

Key people: Arthur Blank (owner)

18. Harris Blitzer Sports and Entertainment

Values: $4.65 billion

Properties: Philadelphia 76ers, New Jersey Devils, New Meta Entertainment*, Elevate Sports Ventures*, HBSE Ventures, Utica Comets

Key people: Josh Harris (Co-Founder and Co-Managing Partner), David Blitzer (Co-Founder and Co-Managing Partner)

19. Tepper Sports and Recreation

Values: $4.55 billion

Properties: Carolina Panthers, Charlotte

main person: David Tepper (owner)


Values: $4.51 billion

Properties: Washington Wizards, Washington Capitals, aXiomatic*, NBC Sports Washington, Monumental Sports Network

main person: Ted Leonsis (senior partner and CEO)

21. Pegola Sports and Recreation

Values: $4.46 billion

Properties: Buffalo Bills, Buffalo Sabers, Adpro Sports, Buffalo Bandits, Rochester Americans, Rochester Knighthawks

Key people: Terry and Kim Pegula (2 owners)

22. The Wilf Family

Values: $4.36 billion

Properties: Minnesota Vikings, Orlando City, Orlando Price, Wise Ventures

main person: Zygmunt Wilf (owner and boss of Vikings)

23. Joe Tsai

Values: $3.99 billion

Properties: Brooklyn Nets, San Diego Seals, Las Vegas Desert Dogs, New York Liberty, G2 Esports*, LAFC*

main person: Joe Tsai (Owner of the Nets)

24. The Ricketts Family

Values: $3.73 billion

Properties: Chicago Cubs, Marquee Sports Network *

main person: Tom Ricketts (Owner and Chairman of The Cubs)

25. Redbird Capital Partners

Values: 3.60 billion dollars

Properties: AC Milan, Fenway Sports Group*, Yes Network*, Rajasthan Royals*, Toulouse FC, XFL*, Dream Sports*

main person: Jerry Cardinal (Co-Founder and Director)


To qualify as a sports empire, a person or company must own a majority stake in at least one sports team, and its investment in other sports-related real estate must total at least $100 million. Our empire values ​​are the total enterprise values ​​of their holdings multiplied by 1.1. We believe a 10% premium over the sum of parts is conservative given the size and breadth of these assets. Our rating sources are the most recent NFLAnd MLBAnd NBAAnd NHLAnd European football Foundation values, and MLS assessments to be published soon. For sports-related assets not included in our database, we relied on the owners and investors in this business, sports bankers, lawyers and media analysts.

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