The Packers 2021 draft class still looks worse


In just over a week, the Green Bay Packers have lost three members of the 2021 recruiting class.


Eric Stokes He suffered season-ending knee and ankle injuries against the Detroit Lions. In the meantime, release the packages Amari Rodgers On Tuesday in the aftermath of another devastating comeback stumble. They also cut a running back Village Hill On Tuesday, weeks after he made his return to the team from an ACL injury last year.

NFL teams cannot be too dependent on rookies to become major contributors; Most of the rookies are not good. But year two is when you would expect young players to take the next step in becoming valued contributors. Unfortunately for the Lakers, between injuries and underperforming players, Green Bay doesn’t get much out of its sophomore class.

Four members of the Class of 2021 were expected to be valuable starters in 2022: CB Eric Stokes, C Josh MyersAmari Rodgers PR, and OL Royce Newman (Green Bay first-round picks through fourth-round picks). It has not been a remarkable year for any of these players.

Stokes’ season may have ended with an unfortunate injury, but his play wasn’t great before his encounter with the terrible Ford Field. Despite his role as the starting cornerback, Stokes was one of the weak points on defense and took a step back after his promising rookie season. After leading the team with 14 tackles in 2021, Stokes did not recover a single pass in 2022.

Overall, the defense performed poorly compared to the level of talent, but it was unfortunate to see such a promising player decline.

Myers may have been “the best” in the class of 2021, settling into his role as starting center and holding on to the job. But while Myers seemed like one of the more consistent pieces of this struggling offensive line during the start of the season, he’s been on and off ever since. Andy Herman, which ranks every player’s upset, made Meyers the third lowest rated offensive player of the season. Hermann also noted that the PFF, which rated Myers better than the Hermann system, still had a Myers average of 61.1.

Myers was no hit, but you’re hoping to get more than a fine from a second-round pick. It is worth noting Creed Humphreylater chosen by the mayor of Kansas City, is PFF’s #1.

We all know about Amari Rodgers Problems This season, piling on him feels like kicking a guy when he’s down. Rodgers’ struggles as a returner and his inability to find a role in a wide open wide receiver role led to his recent release.

Newman started at right guard for most of 2021 and was a frontrunner to book the position in 2022. His rookie season had its ups and downs, but it looked like he had a leg up on the competition. After an uninspired attempt at right tackle, Newman followed up with a poor showing at guard. After a particularly damning performance against the New York Jets in Week 6, the Packers sidelined Newman in the middle of the game, but they had to re-enter after being substituted, Jake Hansonwas injured.

Newman often seemed lost on pass protection and gave up an alarming amount of pressure.

Green Bay didn’t get much out of the rest of the season either. TJ Slaton He hasn’t taken a step forward and is still just a spinner. Shemar Jean Charles injured. Cole Van Lanen He plays for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Packers issued Hill, and it didn’t seem like a performance issue. Matt Lafleur behold to Hill not standing up to the Packers, implying that the case was personal. Shame because Hill seemed like a player with some juice who could have played a role on offense and special teams.

full back Isaiah McDuffie It was the only bright spot among the third-day picks. McDuffie was a regular on special teams and performed admirably in a more defensive role against the Dallas Cowboys, with injuries plaguing the inside linebacker group.

The jury’s not out on these young players (those still with the team, at least). Many players took the leap in year 3 when the game finally slowed down for them. But for a draft and development team like Green Bay, you have to hit the draft picks. So far, they haven’t done so with their second semester.

The Packers have struggled this season, but they had a promising win over the Cowboys. The general lackluster state of the squad may have led to the underperformance of these young players, and we know the coaching staff have claimed they need to do a better job and put the players in a position to succeed. These guys can turn things around, but they haven’t been a great asset to the team.

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