The restaurateur is grateful to Patrick Mahomes for saving his company


The Kansas City Chiefs have a fan base all over the country with support in most major cities that have their own football teams. John Brown BBQ owner Josh Bowen takes pride in his Kansas City Style BBQ restaurant that brings a little bit of the Midwest to New York City residents.


Chiefs Wire’s Ed Easton Jr. recently sat down with Bowen, who shared his reaction to the celebration at the restaurant after the Chiefs’ Super Bowl LIV win and the impact it had on his business weeks into the COVID-19 pandemic.

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“Yeah, I mean, it was really crazy. It was really like the most exciting game ever,” Bowen said. “We were so far away from the fire code. And the craziest thing – the experience at our place was that we had a backyard area with a TV – maybe half the people were there. I don’t know what happened, like the clutch overheated or something. But the TV came out the back, and it’s like the only TV, so everyone crammed into an already insanely packed house. Then Damian Williams scored that touchdown probably about 30 seconds later and everything was just a mess from that point on, which was amazing. So, good times. I hope for another couple.”

John Brown BBQ is known for its slogan, “The Official Kansas City Chiefs Bar in New York City,” to accompany its Kansas City BBQ-style meals. Former players such as Tony Richardson and Dante Hall visited to watch games with the Chiefs’ loyal fan base.

The Super Bowl winning tour in 2019 brought in a large number of customers before the COVID-19 pandemic began providing essential assistance to the future of the restaurant.

“(The Chiefs) saved my business in New York City too,” Bowen said. “We had a couple of restaurants at the time, basically the Super Bowl, running there was like the busiest day ever. Hell.Like we sent our people home on their full wages and the like, even just a little extra for those who couldn’t get their full wages or didn’t have the safety net as we can call it.So yeah, Patrick Mahomes left us kind of impressed. – It saved us. Because I know other people – they didn’t talk to their employees for six months and tried to pay them cash every time because no one thought they were going to close down and stop making money.”

The steady stream of Chiefs fans who have found a home at John Brown BBQ during this magical postseason has helped keep the business going during times of uncertainty. To this day, Bowen credits Mahomes and the Chiefs with saving his business.

“Yeah, man,” Bowen said, “Patrick Mahomes saved my restaurant.”

You can listen to our full interview with Bowen on Facebook The latest episode of The Chiefs Wire Podcast.

John Brown BBQ It is located at 27-20 40th Ave, Queens, NY (Long Island City), for many Chiefs Kingdom members who reside in New York City.

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