The Rundown: Let’s Start Discussing Leadoff Hitter, Hendricks Will Miss Opening Day, Happ Ranked 9th-Best LF


It’s been years since the Cubs had an everyday hitter, and 2023 should be no different. fact, David Ross He recently took out a number of players he was already considering. At Cubs Convention, the captain mentioned that he never even came close to nailing down a set lineup, but he would often wake up in the middle of the night with a new idea or two. I’m sure most of these ideas relate to the highest order.


Nick Madrigal (.336 OBP career) He seems like the logical choice, but he doesn’t have a specific location and doesn’t walk much. Other candidates include Nico Horner (.333), Cody Bellinger (.332), siya suzuki (.336), Dansby Swanson (.321) and Ian Happ (339.) I suspect Eric Hosmer (.336) is the answer, but I would be viciously attacked in the comments section for saying so. Hosmer’s stroke rate (17.5%) is second best for the average player behind Horner (13%), which I think makes a perfect two-hole target. Then again, Suzuki could thrive in second place if he could lower his stroke rate just a bit.

Madrigal shoots the least in the group, but he can’t be a third player on the team every day. Imagine the Chicago lineup if Hoyer was able to sign Xander Bogaerts to join Swanson’s team on the left side of the field.

The Cubs finished 10th in the National League in OBP (. 311) last year, so the 2023 lineup is looking much better. The new shift rules will also help. Carlos Santana of the Pirates is the poster for baseball’s new defensive metrics. Santana, the switch player, had the same severely damaged rate (44.9%) last season as Mookie Pets But hit .192 with .692 OPS and 100 OPS+ in 364 left-handed hitting plate appearances. 269 ​​batting average, 873 OPS, and OPS+136.

Hap, Hosmer, and Bellinger fall into a severe hit rate of 38-41%, so they should all see a significant uptick this year. I’m no expert when it comes to statistical analysis, but pitchers who throw good to great things with speed should be more valuable this year, too. to me baseball worldHosmer was better than decent against broken balls. He was worth +9 runs against lone balls in 2022.

I’m not a fan of set formations except when it comes to batting up front, so I’d like to see Ross stick to one man for the better part of the season. Hosmer seems like an exceptional choice to me, but it’s hard to argue against Madrigal, Hap, or Horner.

Cubs news and notes

Odds and beast

I’d like a word, please.

Admitting that you “have no evidence” seems like a strange way of promoting yourself as an expert. If Talkin’ Baseball needs help, the Cubs have a vastly improved defense and OBP team. Hoyer also balanced the lineup, improving roster depth, and adding power to the spin. Just replacing Madrigal with Swanson’s offense is a massive positive shift. Horner is the MVP at defensive second base.

Wed stove

Red Sox and Adam Duvall You have I agreed to the terms on a one-year contract.

Cardinals are Kick the tires On available Marlins starters, most notably the RHP Paul Lopez.

Saint Louis has depth To go after any player they wish to trade. I would say the Cubs will be that team next year.

Brewers reportedly signed Third baseman Brian Andersonwho shares the same name as the team’s TV play-by-play announcer.

MLB executives thought Shuhei Ohtani will become First baseball player worth $500 million. This is something we have It has been discussed before in CI And I think it’s going to come close, but I don’t think it’s going to break that barrier.

Marlins hmm between two teams Follow the free agent closer Aroldis Chapman. He could be a great candidate, although I really hate saying that about any January player or team.

Really It’s fair to say MLB celebrating its golden era of shortstops?

Mets intend Make several moves across the trading market before the season begins and they’ll have to be more creative than the Cardinals if general manager Billy Eppler is unwilling to move prospects. Maybe he’s just afraid of Hu’er wearing his pants.

Extra rounds

Worth listening, especially conversations with Tucker Barnhart. I also enjoyed Back and forth between Barnhart and Jameson Tellon. Hap’s live recording was my favorite pad of the weekend.

Wednesday morning six pack

  1. bears Kevin Warren officially replaced Ted Phillips As the oldest organization in the NFL, it continues to be a leader in progressive recruitment.
  2. Ryan Bowles said that He had not yet considered trading the first draftbut if the Ravens make a QB Lamar Jackson available, it would seismically change the dynamics of the 2023 draft.
  3. Can you put a price on love? match set testing a $500/month subscription to Tinder, according to Bloomberg. Who knew we would see the day when pimps exist as digital apps?
  4. Colorado Library It is being closed down due to methamphetamine contamination It doesn’t seem unusual. Maybe that’s because it happened before.
  5. Believe it or not, the northern part of Brazil is closer to Canada than it is in the far south of Brazil.
  6. The new year procrastination It is something very difficult to get rid of.

They said so

  • “I think we have two different ways we can look at it [the leadoff spot]. Said did it before. I think Seiya would fit more in the middle, and Belly would fit more in the middle. Dansby is intrigued by the way he hits his fastball. Nico is also interesting. Depending on where (Nick) Madrigal fits in and how he continues to recover after some injuries, there are some guys in the mix for that.” – Ross
  • “We’ve got guys who’ve won World Series in different places, guys who’ve been All-Stars, Gold Glovers… I think the offense is going to surprise some people.” – Hap

Wed walk song

I love seeing the amount of sunlight increase every day because it makes baseball look so much closer.

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