The Timberwolves hold the Mavericks down all night as they throw out Luka Doncic and Jason Kidd in the loss


There was one disappointing moment for Anthony Edwards in Monday’s 116-106 Wolverhampton win over Dallas.


Edwards was one shy of his first career triple-double, hitting Nas Reed with just over a minute over the top of the corkscrew. Reid laid all three, and at first it went down—and then back out.

The crowd groaned and Edwards hid his head in his hands for a moment in disbelief.

Shortly afterwards, Wolves manager Chris Finch called time for the break and took Edwards out, and the crowd pleaded with Finch to reinstate Edwards.

“We want the ant, we want the ant,” was the phrase.

“I kind of floated the ball in [Finch] Edwards said a little, but he wasn’t wrong. “He knew that everything was love.”

With the way Edwards plays, Finch would have been foolish to risk injury any longer. Edwards continued his aggressive offense in Monday’s win, the team’s third in a row, all of which came without centers Karl-Anthony Towns, Rudy Gobert, and several other injured support players. It also came with Dallas’ Luka Doncic (19 points) not playing in the fourth quarter after he and coach Jason Kidd were hit on third downs.

Edwards finished with 27 points and tied a career-high for the second straight day with 13 rebounds, which sat next to the nine assists on the score.

If there is anything positive Wolves can hold when Joubert returns close with an injured and sprained ankle and Towns later strains his right calf, Edwards appears to have unleashed his potential not only as a scorer, but as a playmaker.

The main ingredient? A dose of fun, Edwards said he’s been enjoying it a lot lately.

“I feed off their energy,” Edwards said of his teammates. “We’re young. We didn’t have Rudy, no Cat, and no Slow Mo [Kyle Anderson] Today. We were all youngsters playing with energy like Tottenham, OKCs. We were just playing young and fearless tonight.”

His colleagues noticed it too.

“I think this is the happiest I’ve seen in a while,” said Reid. “That’s where it starts. When you’re at your best, I feel like you bring that energy and that excitement. It’s just a domino effect, and it carries over to the next person and now everyone’s excited for the next person. … With someone like him, it’s really effective. You really feel With that energy.”

Reed certainly did as he had 27 points and 13 rebounds of his own. He entered the match with his words “50-50” after injuring a muscle in his back and neck. After treatment and rest, he was well enough to play and more than good enough to help Wolves win.

“I feel very proud,” Reed said. “I mean, shoot, the team, they tell me every day what a big player I am in those big moments. I take so much pride in coming in to be ready for them.”

As was the case in Friday’s and Sunday’s victories, the Wolves have had contributions up and down, not least from forward Jaden McDaniels. McDaniels scored 13 points and was the Wolves player who guarded Doncic (5-for-17) the most.

After one possession in the third, McDaniels choked Doncic, who ended up on the ground. Soon after, Doncic was fired for arguing with the officials. It gave McDaniels and his colleagues a relative breather.

“Hey, he did me a favor,” McDaniels said.

McDaniels was then asked if he felt good about causing it by making life difficult for Doncic.

“It’s really funny to me,” said McDaniels. “Maybe I was laughing during the tech.”

In the most unlikely of circumstances given all their injuries, the wolves found their moments of joy and laughter.

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