The Tom Brady TB12 method is in schools. Experts have doubts.

At some Tampa Bay area schools, students use foam rollers and vibration balls to massage their muscles as they work toward strength and flexibility goals. It’s all part of a new approach to physical education from quarterback Tom Brady, whose vision of healthy living fuels his fitness empire.

The arrangement with schools in Pinellas County, Florida, marks a foray into the education of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers star and his methods—including some that have been criticized as pseudoscience.

Physical education experts have raised questions about the appropriateness of this approach for school-age children. But the program — and its links to the seven-time Super Bowl — sparked students’ interest in fitness and nutrition, others say.

“My legs are looser, and they’re not heavy on me,” said Antoine James, an eighth-grade student. “It really helps.”

A pilot project contains portions of the program in gyms and health courses in 10 middle and high schools in a district of 96,000 students. TB12, the charitable arm of Brady’s fitness business, is selecting the tab to train and provide equipment for area staff.

The marketing promotion for TB12 is of course free.

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