The Washington Nationals have a $190 million net worth of $190 million to stir up uncertainty


The Washington Nationals won the first and only World Series title in franchise history just over three years ago. However, it seems like three decades ago.


The Nationals finished last season with a 55-107 record, the worst in the major leagues. They don’t envision themselves as a contender any time soon after nearly all of the key members of the 2019 Championship squad were traded.

One of the few constants is manager Dave Martinez. He admits that last season was difficult but refuses to lose the enthusiasm he had for the Packers.

“I know I have patience, but this past year I’ve learned a lot about patience,” Martinez said earlier this month at Baseball’s Winter Meetings. “You know what, though? I sat down, and often caught myself laughing at some of the things we’d done and the fact that I loved the guys, the way they played, the energy these guys had every day.

“So, I’m looking forward to watching these guys grow and mature, and it’s going to be fun for all of us. She was trying. I wouldn’t say. I’ve never been on teams where we won a little bit. It wasn’t fun to lose like that. But I don’t think anyone was enjoying that.” club.

Martinez continued, “This is one of the main points I take away from the exit meetings is that all of these guys are disappointed with losing so many games.” “They want to get better. They want to compete.”

The national team’s chances of competing will at least improve if the two highest paid players can get their careers back on track.

Right-handed Steven Strasburg has made just eight appearances in three seasons since signing a seven-year, $245 million contract. The Nationals gave Strasbourg the big contract two months after he was named MVP of the 2019 World Series.

Strasbourg has four years and $130m left in his deal. His future is uncertain as he is recovering from thoracic outlet syndrome surgery.

Left-hander Patrick Corbin has two years and nearly $60 million left on the six-year, $140 million contract he signed as a free agent prior to the 2019 season. Corbin helped the Nationals win it all that year, but he went 17-42 with a 5.82 ERA in 73 starts over the past three years.

The Nationals have nearly $190 million tied up in the duo.

The 34-year-old Strasbourg has been limited to 1 start and 4 2/3 innings in 2022.

“I will not put more pressure on Strasbourg,” Martinez said. “I know he’s recovering now. He’s progressing. When he’s ready and we consider him ready, it’ll be great to see him on that hill. I promise the fans that when he steps on the hill, he’ll be home. When he does, we’ll start him home.”

Starting Strasbourg at Nationals Park would be a nice gesture. But when will it happen?

“He has to play,” Martinez said. “He has to be up the hill every five days consistently before we consider he will be – and he can help us. Honestly, it’s more about him than anything else.

“We want him to succeed no matter what – you have to remember, this guy for so many years, he’s one of the best players in baseball, and he’s had some trouble with injuries.”

Obviously, Strasbourg will need multiple rehabs starting in the minor leagues before returning to a major league club.

“When he comes back, I want him to come back healthy,” Martinez said. “I want him to get down (to the minor leagues) and play as much as he needs to throw the ball, and come back here. I wouldn’t say he’s going to be the guy he was six or seven years old, but Stephen Strasburg is competitive. He’s going to compete. And that’s what he does really well.”

“When we get him back it will be like signing the free agent we were so looking forward to signing, and we will all be happy when he comes back.”

Corbyn is fine physically, but people around the Nationals think he has lost confidence. Of course, that comes with the territory having a 6-19 record and a 6.31 ERA in 31 starts this year.

Martinez finds hope in the fact that Corbin has allowed two or so few runs in five of his last seven starts, even though his ERA is still 4.21 in that span.

“Look, this guy put up with a lot last year, and the fact that he took the ball every five days, I talked to him a lot about doing different things with him, maybe put him on the field, and he wanted the ball. And I appreciate that from him,” Martinez said at the time. The current one, he is still our man, and I expect him to come next year to formulate the way he did in the last month of the season, and because our defense has become better, and we have won matches.”

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