Things I think of the giants-leaders: Kavon Thibodeau, Daniel Jones, and others


Here are some quick post ideas New York GiantsA very impressive 20-12 victory Sunday night over the Washington leaders.


Kayvon loves prime time

“Prime time loves me,” rookie defender Kavon Thibodeau said in the run-up to Sunday’s game.

This probably isn’t news, but it’s very clear that Thibodeaux loves prime time. His effort Sunday night was the best individual effort by a Giants defender that I can remember in quite some time.

A beast performance indeed. And the Giants needed every bit of it to come away with a victory Sunday.

Questions about when Thibodeaux will turn from solid play to huge numbers can now rest.

Thibodeaux scored, saved a touchdown by tackling Washington quarterback Taylor Hynecke at the 1-yard line, and did just about everything in between. He even took the unusual step for a rookie of giving away to his teammates Pep’s talk before the game.

He said, “I just felt the moment talking about my right, and when I did, everyone felt for me and we just went to start the game.”

I will admit that while I saw a good player earlier in the season, I wasn’t sure Thibodeau would make the leap to becoming so dominant. I think this question has been answered.

“I’m glad we drafted him,” said head coach Brian Dabul. “A very talented player and he played like that.”

A word about Daniel Jones

I think Jones drove another nail into the coffin for those who might argue he doesn’t deserve to be back at quarterback next season, and maybe even after that.

Jones was great Sunday night. He completed 21 of 32 for 160 yards, but those numbers don’t really tell you anything about his night.

In the Giants’ amazing 18 plays, 97 yards, he completed 10 of 12 passes. Richie James’ darts for first downs are included on third and ninth and fourth and ninth. Jones took a hit all night. He ran the ball tough and carried 10 times for 35 yards.

Jones never changed the ball while his counterpart, Washington’s Taylor Hynecke, dropped two steps and threw a pass directly into the hands of Nick McCloud near the end of the game that should have been intercepted.

Jones plays winning football with limited talent around him. I’m not sure he can do much.

Credit to the analytics guys

Daboll was effusive in his praises of offensive assistant/game director Cade Knox and director of football data and innovation Ty Siam after the game.

Daboll has a direct line of communication for both of them during the game and said he got a solid tip from them about the crucial late-game challenge that led to the call being turned over and Leonard Williams’ recovery.

“Cady and Ty, they’re really two people I rely on a lot during the week in terms of management, clock management, fourth-rate decisions, overtime decisions,” he said.

Daboll indicated that a 4th-and-9 going for a first down with 97 yards was a decision he made jointly with Knox and Siam on Wednesday.

“Everyone contributed to the win,” said Daboll. “Those two guys were definitely a big part of it…two Ivy Leaguers. Try listening to the Ivy Leaguers.”

Washington can only blame itself

There are plenty of complaints from Chiefs fans that Darnay Holmes should have been called in to interfere with Washington’s recent offensive play. Perhaps it was so, but the leaders had a lot of chances.

They had a touchdown that was wiped off the board prior to that by an illegal formation penalty. They lost a two-point conversion on an offensive tackle penalty. Heinicke had the two primary mistakes. They were unable to stop the Giants in the fourth and ninth.

not finished yet

I have already written about giants and 87 per cent odds of making the playoffs, but they’re not there yet. They have to win at least one more game against the Vikings, Colts, or Eagles. I think at this point they’ll get there, I wouldn’t call it a done deal just yet.

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