This veteran pilot seems to know a trade is imminent

Left wing Philadelphia Flyers James Van Riemsdyk He was candid when talking about the trade rumors surrounding a particular member of his team.

This player is.

It probably won’t happen in the next few weeks, but Van Riemsdyk, 33, seems resigned to the fact that before the March 3 trade deadline, there’s a good chance he’ll be with another team.

“At this point, you’re more realistic when it comes to situations (like this),” Van Riemsdyk said on Monday. “…any time you’re in the last year of your contract, things like this can be talked about. I don’t know which way this is going or not. Easier said than done sometimes, but you’re obviously focused on every single day.”

And to his credit, Van Riemsdyk Having a good season, should give the Philadelphia Flyers a very good pick when/if he gets tackled. He missed about six weeks due to finger surgery, but played very well before and after the injury, racking up 11 points (five goals and six assists) and a plus-3 rating in 12 games.

Even though the Flyers are having another dismal season, Van Riemsdyk loves playing in Philadelphia, which is not far from his roots in Central Jersey, and new coach John Tortorella.

restore things

“I love being here. I love the group we have,” he said. “I’ve really enjoyed playing with Torts. I think he’s done a good job in terms of resetting some things and the direction they have to go. I think you can see it in the way we play. The results may not have been where we’d like them to be, but we’re in there for a lot.” from these games and we just have to find a way to win ourselves and get some (better) results.”

as far as trade, Van Riemsdyk He said he’s “just trying to control the things I can control, everyday things.”

Would he welcome playing for a Stanley Cup contender?

“Ultimately, the thing that drives me is the desire to win, so ideally, yeah, you want to find a situation[like this]. … That’s obviously what drives me every summer to be honest. Every day I prepare myself—you want Having a chance to win But there’s also the process of focusing on the things that are in front of you every day.

“At this point, I know these are realistic ideas, and people are trying to put two and two together — the last year of your contract, where we are in the rankings — so these are being talked about.”

Reunion with Hexy?

Maybe he will end up in Pittsburgh and meet him Penguins GM Ron Hextall, Who signed him to a five-year, $35 million deal with the Flyers on July 1, 2018.

Maybe he’ll end up in Washington and be roommates with his brother Trevor.

Perhaps the New York Rangers, his favorite team as a youngster, will come calling.

Or it could be dealt to another cup contender.

Wherever he ends up, Van Riemsdyk will bring a practical, positive demeanor – and top scoring – that will help a team in need.

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