Thursday fantasy hockey tips – NHL picks, matchups, and more


It’s a busy Thursday with 26 NHL teams in action, which means it’s easy to fill up for fantasy hockey lineups.


This could be a litmus test for the Edmonton Oilers’ whereabouts Jack Campbell. Stuart Skinner He was away last week with the birth of his baby, so it wasn’t like the Oilers had a lot of options, but Campbell was on the run.

And the surprising part is that the matches weren’t all simple.

Sure, wins against the Anaheim Ducks and San Jose Sharks were nothing to write home about, but Campbell followed that up with wins over the Vegas Golden Knights (even by no means) and then the Seattle Kraken (who were averaging more than that) by five. goals per game in their previous eight road matches).

To quickly recap, the Oilers paid Campbell a massive off-season contract to come in and fix a crease that has been the team’s Achilles’ heel ever since. Connor McDavid I entered the league. But Campbell faltered at the point and eventually missed the starting game outright to starting backup Skinner.

It’s a small sample of just 18 days out of the month, but Campbell is 5-1-0 with a 0.919 save percentage and 2.01 goals against average across more than 350 minutes at the crease this month. He hasn’t allowed more than three goals on starts so far this month, and has only achieved that limit at a time against the Knights.

So what is the test? It’s a two-parter: 1) Will the Oilers return to Campbell on their current streak even though Skinner would be an option? 2) Does Campbell answer the buzzer in an actual tough game against the Tampa Bay Lightning?

Bolts saved Andrey Vasilevsky For oilers, choose to get started Brian Elliott At the crease on Wednesday — so it won’t be a quarter from the Lightning, who are fifth in NHL totals in goals per 60 this season.

If Campbell gets the nod and if Campbell answers the buzzer, the replay benefits could be significant.

After this game with the Lightning on Thursday, the Oilers’ schedule through February 21 is as follows: Canucks, Blue Jackets, Blackhawks, Red Wings, Flyers, Senators, Canadiens, Red Wings, Rangers, Avalanche, Flyers.

It’s okay if you thought I was actually just listing teams that are not in the playoffs and forgot that the Rangers are actually in the postseason position. That’s right, the Oilers face one team specifically in position to make the playoffs between Friday and February 21st. Now, the Canucks and Avs are still serious offenses, but can you imagine if Campbell has regained the starting role in time for that schedule?

By the way, it is listed in only 61.8% of periodicals.

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All times are oriental.

Favorable scoring matches


7 p.m., Nationwide Arena, Watch live on ESPN+

So this is an interesting match. Anemia and anemic defenses combine to create a perfect storm of either no goals or many goals. It’s hard to imagine anything in between. Both teams rank near the bottom of the league in goals-per-60 and in goals-against-60. The only bright spot anywhere is that the Blue Jackets are in the middle of the pack for goals-for-60 at five-for-five last month, but a lot of that credit goes to Jonas Corbesalo, who stays day in and day out for personal reasons and may not participate here. I tend to take offense at the top and deal with it Adam Henrique And Troy Terry To duck, for sure Patrick LaneAnd Johnny Goudreau And Bon Jenner in alignment too.


10 p.m., Climate Pledge Arena, Watch live on ESPN+

The Kraken hot streak is over, but the Devils aren’t a stone wall lately, ranking 13th in goals-for-per-60 last month. And even with the slowdown in recent games, the Kraken remains first in the league with five goals-for-five per 60 goals. But the Devils are a close second at the same rate, so there might be some fireworks here. Thomas Tatar Is an option to press in line up on the side of the demons, as it is stuck Jack Hughes In and out power play. I will put Andrey Burakovsky On a similar level to the Kraken, it plays along with the catalyst Matty Benears In and out feature.

10 p.m., T-Mobile Arena, Watch live on ESPN+

For every 60-goal five-on-five last month, the Golden Knights are 25th and the Red Wings 26th. The Red Wings have been scoring some goals lately and the Golden Knights are always dangerous. On the Golden Knights side, there are killer penalties, as they finished first in the NHL last month. If killing the golden knights penalty is not good, Jonathan Berggren He’ll be of interest after playing the last game with the Wings’ first unit, but maybe he’ll only be remembered for the next game. Paul Cotter and Nicholas Roy are a deep league option if you find yourself short in the lineup for some reason or just like a game; Both are on line with Jack Eichel – Turn the power on and off.

Mid-level fantasy strikers

Vladimir Tarasenko, W, St. Lewis Blues (88.0%): There is a chance that Tarasenko will recover ahead of schedule in Thursday’s match. Fully trained on sunday on line with Brayden Shane And Brandon Saad.

Scott LawtonC / W, Philadelphia Flyers (16.3%): Averaging 2.6 fantasy points in his past seven games, Lawton leads production from a higher power playback unit and is on a streak with Kevin Hayes. It’s an extra game against the Falcons.

Anton LundellC, Florida Panthers (36.8%): Enjoy his new place on line with Alexander Barkov, Lundell has a goal in two in a row. This is also an overtime game against the Montreal Canadiens.

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Deep League / Daily Value Attackers

Taylor RadishW, Chicago Blackhawks (0.8%): With at least 1.9 fantasy points in each of his past four games, Raddysh continues to pleasantly surprise with the Hawks. Not only is the Flyers particularly strong as an opponent, Radish also gets the best power play work.

Cody GlassC, Nashville Predators (0.2%): Going into this game with the St. Louis Blues, Glass played the past two games at the highest level with the St. Louis Blues Philip Forsberg And Matt Duchenewhile also joining the top power unit.

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Middle class fictional defensemen

Jared SpurgeonD, Minnesota Wild (74.2%): In a crowded list like this, you probably aren’t looking for too many streaming options. Spurgeon is listed in most leagues because he blew it last month with 2.7 fantasy points per game in the last 30 days. Consider this a reminder to check availability—even if your lineup is full, it may be a better option than anyone you’ve put on the list.

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Deep League/Daily Fantasy Defensive Value

Mike MathisonD, Montreal Canadiens (2.6%): After returning to the lineup on Tuesday, Matheson returned to the starting spot for the Habs powerhouse. Only two teams allowed more power play goals than the Panthers last month.

Jake WollmanDetroit Red Wings (3.5%): Even without getting a point in the previous two games, Wollman averaged 1.8 fantasy points per game in contests. He’s been rock solid since he was taken in Moritz Seiderside of the point.

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Sergey BobrovskyFlorida Panthers (57.6%): Slowly, but surely, Bobrosvky and the Panthers might be a place to look for some goaltending moves on a match-up basis. Yes, negative fantasy points still roll in some nights, but those are tough: Toronto Maple Leafs, Vegas Golden Knights, New York Rangers (OK, maybe not so much Rangers). But still, he’s had good games against the Sabers, Canucks, Red Wings and Canadiens in the past month. He just happened to encounter the Hab again here, and I wouldn’t be afraid to start him off.

Jeremy Swaimang, Boston Bruins (55.3%): If it’s available to you, use Swayman when you can. He averaged 8.6 fantasy points in his past three starts. With Linus Ullmark In the crease on Wednesday, Swaiman will almost certainly get a nod here. Almost.

Phoenix CopleyG, Los Angeles Kings (22.7%): Are the stars really that scary in the late attack? No. They are 27th in the NHL in goals per 60 in five-on-five last month. All the Kings need is a Copley win to get off to a good start here. Lucky for them, they are most likely to encounter Scott Wedgwood After, after Jake Oettinger Starting on Wednesday, Wedgwood has not won a game since December 13th.

Carter Hart or Samuel ErsonG, Philadelphia Flyers (48.0% or 5.3%): To be clear; It’s about a good game, so any goalkeeper is a fair start against the visiting Blackhawks. The question is whether the Flyers allow Ersson to get more of a run here because the face-off is so favorable. He’s not going to cut into Hart’s crumpled quota or anything, but why not give the rookie another game after he had to save Hart on Monday and then win his fifth game on Tuesday?


Non-stars from Boston Bruins and New York Rangers: These are two of the top five defenses in preventing targets from going head-on. The safest prediction is 2-1 or 3-2 at best. If the player is not named to David BusterAnd Charlie McAvoyAnd Adam FoxAnd Mika Zibanejad or Brad MarchandThere may be a better match available on your seat or as a stream. Patrice Bergeron Not among this list because there is a chance he sat down after taking a facial pill on Wednesday. Chris Kreider He might go back to Rangers, but he doesn’t have to start in this game.

Non-stars from the Minnesota Wild and Carolina Hurricanes: I will make a similar argument to the above paragraph with the notable exception that these are two of the top 10 defenses, not the best five. If there are other players you want to join, there is an argument for excluding them Sebastian OhAnd Kirill KaprizovAnd Brent Burns And Jared Spurgeon (by the way he has 2.7 FPPG in the last month).

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