Time to go get Christian Watson?


Our NFL Nation reporters answer fantasy football questions every Tuesday during the NFL season. This is what they should say after the tenth week.

Is it safe to call this run-centric offense a no-fly zone for fantasy managers given Thursday night’s touchdown distribution?

This is difficult because the target quota is for a tight end Kyle Bates (29.8) and a receiver Drake London (28.6) high. very high. And while the Falcons don’t throw much, Bates and London both concede a reasonably high number of goals. So you still live in the land of hope raging there. With regard to the posterior distribution, Tyler lime You will get carried away. We’ll see what Cordarrell PattersonThe workload appears after the minibay. If it’s nowhere near pre-infestation levels, you can be concerned there. From a fantasy perspective, it’s just a hard crime to measure other than running. – Michael Rothstein

Donna Foreman He had 31 touches against the Falcons on Thursday night. Are we looking at the elite’s workload or will it settle back into the 14-17 touchdown range?

somewhere in between. I’d say somewhere in the 17-21 range. Foreman’s style as a power runner is similar to the Derek Henry He in Tennessee is what interim head coach Steve Wilkes wants his offense to be. As long as the Panthers can manage the game and keep it close, look for Foreman to remain the powerhouse. – David Newton

Are you encourage continued sharing of Donovan People’s Jones Or concerned about the lack of looking for Amari Cooper?

Perhaps People’s Jones encouraged him. Cooper needs more than the three goals he picked up in Sunday’s lopsided loss to Miami. But the DPJ is quietly having a breakout season as Cleveland’s second wide receiver, thanks to its ability to hit contested catches. The DPJ is still not a fantasy to begin with, and Cooper’s production has been frustratingly up and down despite some great performances. But maybe all that will change when… Deshaun Watson Coming back in week 13? Right now, it’s hard to trust anyone on Cleveland’s offense with fantasy, except for the Pro Bowl producer Nick Chubb. – Jake Trotter

Fantasy directors have to hope so D’Andrea SwiftIs his role increasing going forward or is the 8-12 touchdown role all we can expect?

Yes, they should hold on to hope. I know it’s frustrating because the Lions are trying to figure out a way to get him more involved, but Swift is capable of exploding into droves at any moment, when he’s healthy. despite Jamal Williams He’s been rock solid for the Lions all season, with nine rushing touchdowns, Swift is a dual threat rushing and receiving, and if his body can properly recover from his shoulder and ankle injuries, this is a chance he can go on a hot streak that you don’t want to miss. I know it’s a gamble, but don’t give up just yet because the Detroit coaching staff definitely hasn’t and they’re trying to put him in the best position for success by managing his load now. – Eric Woodyard

he is Christian Watson Deserving of a spot on the list of fantasy teams looking to capture lightning in a bottle?

The Packers had been waiting for this from Watson all season, but there’s reason to doubt whether he’s sustainable given how prone he is to injuries and falls. If he gets past those things, it could be valuable because he’s the only legitimate speed/deep threat the baseliners have in receiver and they’ll need to take shots like they did against the Cowboys to open things up for their best playmaker, Aaron Jones, in the running game. – Rob Dimowski

What should the fantasy directors take from Jeff Saturday’s debut as a coach?

It is notable that the Colts had a perfect split between select running and passing. They had 29 tackles and 29 tackles called against Las Vegas. Whether this was an intentional effort by new playcaller Parks Frazier is not clear, but Frazier is a protégé of Frank Reich and balance has been a hallmark of Reich’s offensive philosophy. The Colts also did a much better job handling line swings and stunts along the offensive line, which made a noticeable impact on their passing game. But the Raiders are the worst team in football, so let’s see if that holds up against the Eagles next week. – Stephen Holder

Is it safe to call Isiah Pacheco “Man” go ahead? If so, will you average over/under 16 touches (week 10 total) per game the rest of the way?

It sure looks that way after Pacheco ran for 82 yards against the Jaguars. But given the way the Chiefs have turned their running backs all season, predicting the next game is risky, let alone for the rest of the season. In that case, I would go through 16 touches per game for Pacheco. – Adam Teacher

he is Jeff Wilson Jr. The “guy” in this back area with Rahim Mostert Accent piece or do you still think it’s a commission of some sort?

Wilson has been stellar since joining the Dolphins in Week 9, but that backfield still feels like a “hot hand” approach. Coach Mike McDaniel saw no reason to stop giving Wilson carries but Mostert was also highly efficient with his touch. Especially with the Texans defense feeding from below deck after a Week 11 bye in Miami, both players are worth considering the FLEX. – Marcel Louis Jacques

Which running back leading this team in fantasy points the rest of the way?

Todd Bowles said it was “too early to tell” if Leonard Fournette will be able to play the hip-index bye week. But it’s very clear that Rashad White gives that feeling of attack and I think when the coaching staff do their self-scouting during the bye week, they’ll see that White got more chances in the second half of the season and that will show in the form. More fantasy points. However, I wouldn’t discount Fournette. He had experience and talent for showing up in meaningful games, and I think that will push him even harder. – Gina Lynn

with Ryan Tannehill Again under center, there is some passing volume…but is there a pass catcher we should be upright?

One game that doesn’t negate the fact that in eight weeks, the Titans failed to catch a passing pass after a 100-yard receiving game. Opportunities don’t come often to any roster-worthy receiver due to Tennessee’s tendency to rely too heavily on Derrick Henry and a rushing offense. Trillon Burks Interesting because he will be the primary option for passing plays through the middle. Austin Hopper He is another player to consider since the chemistry he built with Tannehill during camp is finally starting to show. But his season-high five receptions generated only 41 receiving yards. Better pass the titans pass catchers. – Toron Davenport

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