Timo Meier’s Business Destinations: 7 Teams That Might Be Interested and Why They Should Be


Before Sharks Meeting with stars on Wednesday night, Timo Meyer Scored 25 goals and 45 points in 45 games. Which puts him on pace for 46 goals and 82 points over an 82-game season. That would surpass last year’s highs of 35 goals and 76 points in 77 games.


This scoring only scratches the surface of Meyer’s skill, and why teams should try to find ways to acquire the winger.

What Meyer brings to the assortment

Meyer is a fine offensive innovator. Any team looking for a shooting winger should start their search here. The winger excels at commanding play on the ice and in the attacking zone with control. And every so often, he turns entering that area into a scoring opportunity for his team. His offensive creativity tends toward rushing opportunities, but Meyer can still create the course – and on a team with more two-way support, he’ll likely expand on that.

This year, he’s one of the most repeat shooters in the league and what’s impressive is that he isn’t set up with high-risk passes at a very high rate, either. Shows the individual effort put into his scoring chances.

And while Meyer has been on the upswing for a year, his style of play has been consistent. His impact on the Sharks’ projected goal generation has been well above average for nearly every season. The only down year, 2020-21, has clearly been an odd season.

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What makes Meyer even more valuable is that he is not a suspended, unrestricted free agent. The team adds a fine winger of a higher caliber to more than one postseason run. It suits a team that’s in winning mode right now, and one that’s just starting to rush into the playoff mix. This is different from someone who is 27 or 28 who will bring a few years of uplifting influence before slumping or falling back hard. for this reason There is a lot of interest in it.

Why do you trade sharks

If a team had a player like Meyer, why in the world would they move him?

Sharks probably don’t You want To, but given their situation, that might make sense. San Jose, at the very least, needs to be retooled. Given their cap mode and their range of possibilities, a complete rebuild may be in their best interest. this means Moving effect players To bring back future assets that would just stick the needle because the few unrestricted free agents they have pending will only bring back so much. The more talent they have out now, the better their chances of dropping down the rankings this year which increases their chances of winning Conor Bedard.

While Meyer fits in the window of a host of teams, the Sharks may be a little too far out of the postseason conversation as things stand legitimately during his premiership. So it might not make sense to pay the suspended restricted free agent what he’s due, whether it’s the $10 million qualifier he’s owed due to the structure of his current contract, or a long extension. If he were to become a free agent last year, Evolving-Hockey projected an eight-year deal with an average annual value of $8.2 million. Athletic On the other hand, Dom Luszczyszyn gives Meier a market value of $10.8 million. His next contract will likely fall between those two values.

It wouldn’t buy the Sharks the financial flexibility they needed to improve the team around their core. As it is, they have to manage three more seasons Mark Edward Vlasic In the area of ​​$7 million, four years from Logan Couture ($8 million) and Eric Carlson (11.5 million), more Thomas Hertel$8.1 million for another seven full seasons. Meyer’s presence clearly gives them the best chance of success With These are key players, but this team needs the assets that the output of players like Meyer can bring back.

Teams that should be in the mix for Meier


Anytime there’s a cutting-edge advance in the market, devils have been in conversation about potential destinations. beat on Alex DeBrinkat And Johnny Goudreaubut the veteran fell Ondrej Balat. Although he is one of the nine best forwards that could be added, he is not the elite winger this team was originally competing for. That’s why this team can look to Meyer to cement the top of their squad.

Salary would be a consideration, especially considering the fact that Jesper Pratt On the rise this summer, too. But management must be able to navigate and make everything work. The expectation should be that more starting players get into the mix over the next few seasons, particularly on defense, which should help balance the books. Plus, New Jersey has the assets the Sharks should be looking for among their picks — they all have possessions for the next three years plus a third-place 2023 — and prospects.


The Rangers got into winning mode now sooner rather than later to capitalize on the career years of their key players last year. The goal now is to achieve more than they did last year. To do this, the team may need some help on the right side of the lineup.

New York’s right wing depth needs help. capo caco He seems to have consolidated his role in the top six at most out of the three, Vitaly Kravtsov It looks more like an average six option, and Alexis Lafreniere He didn’t hit his step enough on the right or His normal side, left. If coaching does not maximize their young talent, management may prefer to work with a player like Meyer. And that can make more sense in the long run versus their previous lease eg Patrick Kane. It could also mean bringing in a shooter to play alongside an elite playmaker Artemy Panarin.

Can New York handle it? They’ve had two first-rounders this year, and some young talent has to move on. But management may be reluctant to part with the cost of adding this one player and struggle to find long-term space to make it work.


Sticking to the same area as the New York metro, Islanders are also an option. Of the three teams, they are now more in a winning position than their rivals given the ages of their key players. So management should deal with skilled players legitimately, not add more mills.

The Islanders have needed another top six winger for quite some time. Oliver Wallstrom You should evolve to that, but it never hurts to add more skills now to improve their chances. Meyer could fit nicely into a puck drive like Matthew Barzalor add more dimensions to Brooke NelsonWith another shooting threat.

Cover space is the problem. The team will have to move a lot to stretch Meyer, and the Sharks would probably prefer a bigger return. This team has recruiting picks to move around, but their prospects are more dire than their close opponents. This may be what hinders trade.


Rick Bowness has brought stability and structure that the Jets have clearly been missing in the past few years. Winnipeg, which has been near the top of the Western Conference for most of the season, is aiming for a long playoff run. And now, they have a number of pieces to get there. Their leading players – midfield, winger, defense and in goal – play to the level the opposition needs. But the Jets could use another top-six winger now and in the long run to beat their group. Meyer would be a good curiosity, if management were willing to have this seasoning.

The Jets have generally not been the fanciest team when it comes to the trade deadline, and it’s not clear if that will suddenly change. But maybe if it were someone like Meyer, who could contribute for years to come, management would consider that – granted, the winger would want to sign a long-term deal there. That’s the key to this deal, which is that sharks don’t You have To do one right now because it’s a pending RFA, not a UFA. Winnipeg should be able to make the cover photo click, but do they have the assets to entice San Jose?

A legendary sea monster

While the aforementioned four teams can be considered “contenders” trying to focus on the “now,” there are dark horses as well.

The Kraken team is disrupting the Western Conference and, according to Luszczyszyn’s model, has an 85 percent chance of making the postseason. Nobody expects Seattle to go all out this year, and rightfully so. But it wouldn’t be surprising if they made a deal with long-term ramifications to improve their chances now and in the future. The Kraken’s strength lies in their depth – they come up with a number of unique scorers who go up and down their lineup and back on defense. But with a difference maker like Meier, plus Matty Benears Having become a star in the next few years, this team can take their game to the next level.

Meyer’s contract would become their most expensive, with no one holding a cap more than $6 million in Seattle. But Kraken should be able to find a way to make this work. They aren’t loaded with prospects just yet, but they have plenty of draft picks to bend.


Unlike the Kraken, the Sabers’ playoff chances are diminishing. But no one expected them to be at that point yet. Buffalo advances ton. That growth coupled with an addition like Meier could make this team a more legitimate threat next season. Meyer’s deal with the Sabers could mirror Alex DeBrinat’s deal at Ottawa. the Senators He wasn’t a playoff threat at the time of the deal, but they worked it out so as to improve their chances of becoming one. Buffalo is a bit heavy with their top line, but Meyer might, well, pair with it Dylan Cousins On the second line, it helps balance it out for years to come.

After years of retooling, the Sabers have a futuristic asset. Now they need more pieces that will help this team for years to come.

red wings

Stuck in the Atlantic Ocean, there are the Red Wings. While the Senators were busy revamping their offense last summer, Detroit has focused on defense. The problem is, their front group is currently ranked 22nd in the league in terms of GSVA. That has to change if (or when) Jakub Vrána returns to NHL level, but it will only help so much. However, Meyer would be a game-changer and could really take this offense a notch higher. It may move some players into more suitable roles, and help improve the area up front Dylan Larkinnext decade. This would be a better route than just adding an overrated prospect in free agency and trying to maximize the next few seasons before an inevitable decline occurs given the team’s schedule. And Detroit has the capital to move in both draft picks and prospects. Would anyone be surprised to see Steve Yzerman have a trick up his sleeve to land a player like that?

given away Hockey evolutionAnd Hockey PhysAnd AllThreeZonesLuszczyszyn’s house And NaturalStatTrick. This story is based on footage-based metrics. Here it is primer on these numbers.

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