Tom Brady for free at Hump Days; Will Billy Napier be the next Steve Spurrier?

Could a Hump Day settlement save the Super Bowl or Bust season in the Tampa Bay Bucs?

Tom Brady now has a Wednesday off, and while this stuff is officially known as “maintenance days” to some veterans, everyone assumes this isn’t just about 45-year-old Tom’s body.

It was nothing more than desert fodder at first, but you know how this stuff works in the media – especially the modern form. The concerns that whispered about Tom Brady and his wife Gisele Bundchen are now in full song, practically on Broadway as stunning.

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The bubbles went to a soft boil when Giselle told Elle Magazine about the sacrifices she’d made, setting aside the modeling business to be there for the kids and for Tom’s NFL career.

“I did my part,” she told Elle. “I moved to Boston.”

Yikes. It’s a good thing she didn’t marry Aaron Rodgers—cheese curds and Schlitz don’t mesh well with a runway career.

Speaking of Rodgers, whose private life off the field is interesting at times, he’ll turn into the supporting actor role on Sunday when the Packers come south for their first home game in 2022.

For the moment, at least, it would be an afterthought. How long before you shoot the Fox camera at the Brady family suite so we can count the staff?

If last Sunday is any indication of what lies ahead this year, let’s hope that the free Wednesdays will be enough to calm couples. Tom Brady was very frustrated – and angry – in New Orleans.

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