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Tony Finau is now tied with the great Russell Henley in wins. Given your recent podcast discussion about five-win players with Ryan French and Michael Bamberger, is Finau overrated or underestimated? @employee

It was overrated but now Finau is rated right: a huge talent who has learned how to win and is on the brink of big things. I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

What’s on the Pat Perez/Phil dust? I once read in a detective novel that “all crimes are about sex or money.” My bet is sex… you?? @employee

Well, it’s not about the money. in the context of reporting My book on Michelson I kept hearing about his falling out with Perez, a San Diego native. They have a lot of history. Perez has always fancied himself a tiger man, which means he’s never been warm and cuddly towards Phil. But what has inspired Perez to talk on several podcasts lately is that Mickelson did something that deeply offended Perez and his wife, Ashley. I reached out to Pat several times to see if he would sign up, but he refused. I’ve had a few players and sacks tell me they heard about the incident directly from Perez but the details are so interesting that I didn’t feel comfortable putting the story in the book without direct confirmation. This whole situation is still clearly festering with Perez, so we’ll see if he chooses to make the details public; If that was the case, it would definitely trigger a firestorm.

Chiara Noja wins the Ladies European Tour. How can someone born in 2006 win a Tour event? I have a hybrid in my bag that is older than that. # Asklan @employee

Funny you say it – I recently found a hybrid in my garage that’s at least 10 years old but it was the exact loft (22*) I decided I needed. I took it to Bandon Dunes and beat it up so well, now I wonder why I dropped it from my bag! But, yeah, Noja is a charming story and one heckuva talent. It reminded me of the ease with which I won over the young Lydia Ko. And Nora’s sporty upright swing evokes Nelly Korda, who, by the way, made some noise this past weekend, too. It was great to see Nelly win again after this season was complicated by a blood clot in her arm. It’s back in first place, where it belongs.

Who’s on deck for the next round of recruits for LIV for next season? @employee

That is the $64,000 question, although another zero or three are needed to complete the trades. It was interesting to see Mito Pereira in a photo from Sergio GarcĂ­a’s recent charity fundraiser – every other player in the photo is LIV committed. Was Mito just supporting a friend and a good cause, or is this a sign of things to come? Feels like the last. Every win now leads to inevitable speculation. Since LIV hit with Hideki Matsuyama, are they now running for Ryo Ishikawa’s rookie? Seems like a normal fit. Other than these names, I’ve learned to steer clear of speculation because what William Goldman once said about Hollywood also applies to hiring LIV: Nobody knows anything.

She has that stink but there’s also a simple explanation: PGA Tour U folks failed to allocate points and Alex Fitzpatrick was the only college kid with the resources and/or resources to advocate and fight. Now, does Tour have an interest in keeping a pregnant US Open champion happy by taking care of his little brother? surely. But, on a different subject, a tour operator once told me that most things that cynical reporters and jaded fans think are grand conspiracies are really just mistakes/incompetence that need to be corrected quickly. I think that’s what happened here.

It seems that LPGA players who play in the Aramco Series are not held to the same standards as LIV Golf, even though they are both funded by the Saudi Public Investment Fund….. what gives? @employee

This is because the money in the women’s game is a fraction of what the men earn; Profit changes career for some of the gals playing the Aramco Series, while LIV feels immersive in the extreme, with the riches of really wealthy golfers getting richer. This isn’t entirely fair, however, as LIV has its share of Andy Ogletrees and James Payots – young players just looking for a chance – but most of the focus is on the DJs and Mickelsons, whose career earnings have reached nine figures. For them, LIV is a choice, while Aramco feels it is a necessity, which is why people have been more tolerant of LPGA players accepting Saudi money.

Will Padraig Harrington revolutionize Champions Tour golf? discuss. # Asklan @employee

or not. But he will win a lot of championships and will definitely bring much needed star power. Because of LIV, the Seniors Tour could potentially lose a generation of headliners. Obviously Mickelson, but also Westwood, Stinson, Poulter and Casey, who are all over 45 years old. Who is left in the pipeline to bring energy to the Championship of Champions in the years to come? I like Stewart Sink (49), but he doesn’t inspire passion like the European Ryder Cup champions. Ditto Zack Johnson (46). They are very slim choices for the foreseeable future.

Take us through an alternate reality where a tiger doesn’t get hit and break its leg. Does LIV kick off with Tiger playing 10-15 events and expressing his loyalty to the tour on every press? O Lord

Oooh, that’s a good assumption. But let’s not forget that Tiger’s back was a mess even before his car accident. His reshaped backbone would never allow him to run 15 tournaments a year, and even 10 of them feels ambitious. I think the breakdown made it clear to Woods that his days as a competitor were pretty much over, which helped propel him into the role of de facto elder statesman/activist/commissioner in the battle of the round to Liv’s frustration. So even if Tiger had a good footing, I don’t think his current moment would look that different.

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